Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the meeting point - gangster 1

today;s outing @ some factory in balakong! wooot! important meeting was held today and we are good to go! bring it on! and its showtime!

get ready for the impact next week!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

arkansas - powering minds

babytt is kinda very tired and stressup! nothing seems to make me happy...nothing seems to make a different anymore. driving the car out, but there is no place i want to be to enjoy myself.

one uncle told me, babytt you need to rest and sleep well enough.. everyday u are lack of sleep and during the time u sleep its about 5am 6 am then wake up and operate your business for another 14 hours per ...where is the happy and relaxing time for u?

a person when have enough sleep and relaxing time, would be much fresher and can perform things faster plus the mentality is fresh. the DAy would be so much more happier and brighter, that we can solve problems efficient!

with lots of love babytt

Monday, October 19, 2009

the lost world of tigger i

been hiding in the cave the past days and weeks. thats why i havent been updating this very very old blog of mine! trying to patch things back properly in my life...many things moves around and comes and go! whats wrong whats wrong now, tooo many difficulties in place for the one and only baby tt ! life is harder and harder every day, things seems to be harder to solve and the workload is HIGH..

the momentum is speeding like a sports car!

babytt needs to make sure everything is undercontrol.As one word - LIFE IS DETERMINE BY YOURSELF! AND THE ONLY THING U CAN DO TO MAKE THINGS PERFECT IS U WORKING ON IT!

with lots of love baby tt

@ pappa rich @ ss15

Friday, October 09, 2009

formula 1 singapore GP! 2009

whah! nice view!

long time since i blog

ha! been mia awhile due to the extreme stress and works that i need to attend + complete.

just too many externality in lif3. a lil update in babytt life - Loreal Revitalift road shows nationwide! and also the baby t cafe business and also family issues that requires my mental power to keep things moving! boo ha!

very used up! no battery almost everyday and night! thats why i have no time to blog @ babytiggercafe and tiggersden! woooo! i need a long break! and the break needs to be good this time! i want i want! everything also i want! hahahq! GREEDY me!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

the cafe for all

Baby T cafe

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