Tuesday, January 29, 2008


MAMEE brings all of u the UTH FEST this weekend @ oneUtama- New wing ( Central Park Avenue)

Whats UTH Fest? its YOuth Festival. An Event not to be miss!.
It have 4 elements in this UTH Fest - Fashion, Entertaintment, Sports, Technology.

ITs the place where u can create the most inspiring experience together with all the other Youth

Slam By, this weekend 2nd February 2008 @ One utama- Central Park Avenue

time : 10am till late

Admission : FREE!

Genre : F,E,S,T

Come and Meet Jay Chou, Baron Chen , Bo-Lin Chen and babyTigger @ this awesome Day..!

There would be activities line up for all u happening people.

here are some appetizer - 30n3 BasketBall competition, Whats Your Rhythm Contest ( Compose ur own lyrics) , T-shirt Design Competition, and also BE Funky with Funkees!(Photo Contest)
Kungfu Performances, Singing by Karen Kong, MC Liang, and lots more artist would be dropping their moves @ oneUtama.

And the Real Deal is .. u get to meet Jay Chou.........****=)

Know lots of u are fans of mr. Chou.., want an up close picture? or smell him in person?

Besides that, there would be a Semi Car Show portraying Team Street @ this venue Too...

MAMEE in conjunction with UTH FEST brings you.........kung Fu Dunk Specials...
Want to Get VIP Backstage passes?? Hurry to a store near you and Purchase Mamee Funkees and stand a chance to see the golden ticket inside the packet!!
There are lots of other prizes to be won ----RM35,000 of other prizes......tooo!

Please Visit www.uth.com.my for further detials on the registration of the 4 available contests that u might have ur talent in...
Come and join all the Games....to do that u need to register Yourself @ www.uth.com.my
Please note - Prizes will be handed to YOU by none other than Mr. Jay Chou..
Drop by and Say hie to me too.. sEE u there...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Busy like a Bee

BLB....is the right word.. i am very Busy!!!!! and WOrnOut.!! damnnnn..working life is tough..

been working every single day since the start of this wonderful 2008.

working days now - monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday Plus Public Holidays... and guess what -----No Overtime...! !@#$%^*(curseYou)!@#$%

I wanna a BREAK!!! "like they always say have a break have a kit kat"
reality check - i dont want a chocolate to give me a break.. i need a holiday....or a resting week! just to stay @ home and do some spring cleaning or SLeeping!! thats what i need!
Haven been posting lately because i am alwis @ my clients place and there is not internet access for me.... when i reach home i am like a Dead ZomBie BOy lying on the Bed.....
alwis remember - what u do today echoes eternity!
take care... sorry gtg...back to work di!
till next time!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Face + Book = Facebook

warbook? or facebook?
WArbook is one of the application that is incorporated within Facebook....
one of the most challenging mind game that users are addictive to this massive WaR....

FAceBook - Frenzy...

Teenagers from as young as 11 are attached with this Fever of Facebook. This is the currently most "inTrend" online activity that most of us participate in.. say hello to facebook and good by to Friendster....

The users ranges from primary students to working class people. Millions of users from around the world have crafted their daily activities to include the ever fast growing of facebook in their lifestyles.
I bet lots of u readers out there already have an account with facebook..if u dont u better hurry up..if not when ur out having a chat with your friends, you would feel left out!!
these days, every one is talking about facebook, warbook, zombies, pets, quizzesss, and many more. there are a few example on the 1st picture, u can look on the left hand side of the control panel, u can see there are alot of variety games and application that users are allowed to use.
Facebook is created for people and allows talented people to create their own application + Games to run on Facebook. its a platform that many users are keen in showing off their talent in creating new application for Free.. and
Heck..! u never know if there are big time companies browsing ur game/ application and might engage u for a bigger and massive production of ur talents.!..
why only participate in facebook?? TRY to give urself an oppourtunity to Create something new and hook it up with Facebook... and u might be a milllionaire overnight!..
Go on.. give it a try!...
its worth the time playing with it.. its fun..relaxing and enjoying tooo.
MAny Many working people are playing this as we speak...
HEY YOU>>> get PAR with the InTrend Online surfing!..

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Starbucks @ taipan

Hapy new year ,2008 is a brand new year and its time to have new dreams and goals for this coming 359 days left in the calender....!

Having a cup of caffe latte @ starbucks taipan,subang. Besides that, having a couple of smokes to get ready for the monday blues...just a few more hours and we are all back to work.

starbucks it the way to go for the everyday life and a cup of hot simmering coffee or a tazo iced lemon shaken zen tea..

never fail to cheer me up and give me the boost in life that i need to get my day up and running.. ! 5 stars for Starbucks and hooray !


Sunday is alwis a plain old sunday..where we would all relax and try to get as much ZzZZZZZzzzzz ZZzZzZzzz as possible...never fail to sleep at least 12 hours.

today i woke up about 4pm..then started my day with a spring cleaning of my pad.. and it was a lot of useless stuffs around my room.. throw about 2 big bags of rubbish out my room, clean and clear the tables, fan, aircon, and other places of my room.
Really there was alot of stuffs that was just sitting there at my room which was useless. after hours of cleaning, my room loooks cleaner and easier to reach for items with out havin hours of locating it sometimes.
LEts see how long can all this organize items be organize... guess its a matter of weeks before i cant find my stuffs again.. _boohoo!
well Chinese new year is around the corner, work loads are starting to pile up in the office, having lesser and lesser time to chill around. so guys and girls, u better start cleaning ur PADS!! before its too late..
AFter cleaning, i headed down to kota damansara for dinner @ some kopitiam and to my suprise, i was sitting beside this indian family which are selling night newspaper- chinese news paper with printed pieces of 4D, toto and 3D results.
alof of people stop by and purchase newspaper from that family. and it was suprising that alot of people bought newspaper from them. All they needed to start that business was about 100 copies of newspaper and a small wooden shelf - hand made- and chairs.
pheew.. they are making money as we speak.. and their job are really simple. maybe one fine day i would quit my current job and start to sell PAPER!... hehe..
prolly, we would earn more money doing that by the roadside than spending hours of hours working late and earning a limited amount of money!!.
...okay folks..its time to head back home from Starbucks, get a warm shower, listen to some slow music and do some office work to get ready for tomorrows audit.. !
night night!
sleep tight! work hard and be happy!