Sunday, December 30, 2007

Spa @ Kenko - Pavillion

Welcome to Kenko - Fish Spa @ Pavillion, KL

A spa that u can never forget?
Something Fancy?

This is the place to hit if u are feeling a lil restless after hours of shopping @ Pavillion. This place allows your tired feet some rest and Relax. And it about time, People begin to love their feet. Human Feet is one of the most important part of the body that allows us to walk to journey of life.

The Garra Rufa Fish - is also known as the Fish doctor, they are naturally found in the waters of a hot spring near Kangal in Turkey.

Kenko Spa remind us the important of loving our body parts, which alot of us only focus our attention on our faces, chest, back and also our heads for spa and facials. This time we look into the love for our fooot!.

Here @Kenko Spa, u get all the love for ur Foot! they provide fish spa for our feet, Massages for our feet, and also a relaxing aromatic Dip for ur Feet.

Currently the price for the ultimate Fish Spa is RM38 for 30 min. (well the pricing is still a lil pricy..hopefully it will be slightly cheaper so that more of us get to love our feet more!..)

Well the very good intention of this Fish Spa is to allow the Fishes to nibble away our dead Skins from our feet and legs, maybe many of u dont know that our legs have alot of dead skin due to the fact that we always utilize our feet almost 10 hours day and for some even more.

Oh..u clubbers even use it more during the weekend @ clubs dancing away with all those hot moves....shuffles and ........etc.s.

**had a short interview with the Lovely Madam Boss..
me - are the water in the aquarium clean?
boss- Well of course.. thats why we need our customers to clean their feets before entering the
the pool....
me - What about people with HONGKONG feet? are they allow to be in the pool too?
boss - .....customers who has those feet, are not allow to put their feet in and also customers with
ill foot are also barred from entering the pool. We would recommend them to do private
fish spa so that our other customers would be FREE of any illness..

So now u Know...

Be happy and Safe while doing the fish Spa!.

For Starters -
You have to Clean ur Feet 1st before attempting to dip ur legs into the giant aquarium.
next, wipe u Feet dry & put on a clean pair of thongs.
Then, make ur way to the aquarium, pick ur spot, and finally dip ur LEgs into iT and let the Fiesta Begin!

** oh.. once u dip ur feet in, u can see the fishes rushing towards ur feet like they are some kinda of shark ! And once they start feeding on ur feet, u would feel so ticklish and ticklish for about 3 mins. then u would feel the enjoyment of allowing those Slaves nibbling ur feet away!.

Caution - the water is Warm and the fish are Hungry.

Front Deco of Kenko Spa - was looking for nemo..but they dont have nemo...-sigh

The Main Hall of the Aquarium..

History of Kenko Spa Fishes ( if u want to know more about the fish...please Read the BOARD)

Lots of Dead Skin- look how the fish is loving the Feet of this Girl..eventhough she is hot and pretty physically, i guess the fish knows that her feet is Pretty Too...! peeehee!.
For more information :
Please visit
Level 5 , Pavillion Kuala Lumpur
Tel- 03- 21416651
Business hours 10am -10pm Daily

I have tried it and its worth all the penny spend on the Fish Doctor.. its so good that i would go back there again next week!. You should try it too.! thousands of little cute massuers massaging u ....for 30 mins!. woooha!..
GREAT to have a nibble too.!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Match day - 28/12/07

There is a match comin up in just a few more minutes...

tonight's early morning match is between Manchester City and Blackburn Rovers.

Table position for both teams are = Mancity (5) and Blackburn (10). Man City has been undefeated in all their home matches and unbeaten for Mancity means they have not even Drawn a match at home this season after playing 9 matches at Home. they have manage to beat Man united 1-0 in the early of the season and have hold a couple other big guns this season. Mancity are currently in persuit of regaining the 4th placing in the barclays and it will give them all the necessary confident booost to snatch the 4th placing from Liverpool tonight and hopeful to remain top 4 this season to get the chance to play in Champions League next season.

todays prediction are as above..

-=- this are just my 3cents on the game -=-


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Berry Berry Christmas.......@ orchard 07

Police Patroling @ orchard... caring the Singapore Police Force.- Lost anything after a Bump?

dinng dong Bells.........jiggle bells...Santa rinas... Santa Clause!

Merry X ma$.

wow.. was @ Orchard ROad to celebrate the birth of jesus.

It was filled with people from all races, big, small, beautiful, handsome and even Old old people was there to celebrate christmas together in the Long Road of Orchard.

Fact of Orchard :-

Lots of Human Beans
Pretty Girls.
Granny and Grand papa.
ARtificial Snows.
Lots of PArty Poppers.

Lots of Fun!

Can u imagine the amount of people @ orchard was like ants in their nest!
Behold the following pictures are captured by me when i was squash by thousands of human beans!..

Well christmas at Singapore was Hell Fun.. much better than celebrating it at Kuala Lumpur. Some how people in Singapore are more Party GOers and Funner to hang with.

one word - Singaporeans = Party Animals.. they sure know how to have fun...with all the people around them!.

At the end... it was the trip back home > people pushing around..trying to get pass the human bean wall, bangaladeshie trying to molest pretty Chics...and also people's sweat slimming on ur body !!!EEEEEEEWWWWHHHHHH!!! so disgusting!!! mhaha!!!

Sardine Human Beans @ MRT

Tips # planning to spend christmas in singapore next year..
Do not drive...during christmas Eve, go earlier with the MRT to your destination, Try not to carry any handbags, no revealing clothes, bring h20, bring cash to buy those party poppers, and also bring a Camera to get all the live action recorded! OOOOh...and dont Wear White clothes Girls..or else ur gonna get alot of hamsap guys drooling @ ur Body...! =)

May Peace Be With You. - MPBWY!

Ho..ho..Ho...Merry Berry Xmas!

Merry Merry Xmas! to You...

just taking my time to wish all of u a very warm and bubbly Merry Christmas! 2007!

time flies and its back again with this fantastic festive season. its Xmas the one day that all of the world people unite even if u are all from different races.! and from different parts of the world.

Have a wonderful and safe christmas! alritey!.. hugs and kisses to all !