Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sat! UR day!

yeah its the URday of the week! arent they smart to create a day for URDAY!!! the day is just yours and tonight is going to be great!

why great- coz its saturday and tomorrow is sunday, where i can do my own things without much thinking needed! and stress FreE! freedom!

last sunday was bad! i crash my car! so this sunday hope its much better! give me miracles and make me happy!

when i am happy the world is happier too! coz i will shower more happiness to the world!


*-=ting ting -=- brain damaged ! due to the car accident! so till now brain still a lillo loose! yeah the impact dislocated the brain!

so what am i going to do! haha!
'no more you: what am i going to do! i cant believe there is no more you!... my beloved car.... right smack into the wall! after 3 spins! wootS! no more u ... no more me... what am i going to do!

time to flex the body to achieve a greater height in life.

cant afford to lose anymore... cant afford to make reasons for failure. cant afford to make mistakes...

not young anymore. at the middle of life..and what am i going to do?

Monday, March 15, 2010

2 cents!

a lillte more than life..

a little more in time

a little more in perfection

Freak! lucky!

at the wee hours of monday morning, 2.12am to be exact! i was introduces to the word spinning CAR! and there u go! my car spin about 3 rounds and kabam! to the wall! woootS!

really thrilling.. dont think the roller coaster is much thrilling as my car spinningS!

ubber luckY!

truly a lucky break! and life seems much more important to me! as i am going to give my fullest in life now...since i took a lucky break!

going to make life more interesting to me.


Sunday, March 14, 2010


just finish work now! its such a long and tiring day tht has finally ended and sunday means holiday for me! the one and only day that i do everything but work!

saturdays are always the best as it gives me the power :) to know that enjoyment is just acouple of hours away! woo! and now home sweet home! now i am ready to enjoy the sunday as much as possible!

only about 16 hours of sunday remain for me to enjoy! woots!

anyway satuday dint really ended that well, cause my wu dogs got broken by one of my idiotic customer! piss me off to the max! fuck u ! break my wu dog! fuck u!

Friday, March 12, 2010

there u go! baby t cafe @ subang jaya!

baby t cafe @ SS16 subang jaya

one place that u should go and visit!

highly rated place to enjoy of shisha and best prices beers! ranging from rm 30 a bucket of their beer garden!

the have imported beers - hoe gaarden, coronas, stella, leffe, and many more!

their beef sandwiches is a must try item! better than MCdonalds! cheaper then macdonalds! and its just yummy!

their concept is based on Tigger - the pooh family and its just relaxing to hang out after a hard day at work!!

trust me.. this place is cool!

come and visit this cafe! opens at 2pm till 3am daily!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

next level!

what is the next level? i have friends who even start thinking of future like 1 year or 2 years ahead...

so as for me, now is march 2010, so what the next level? how to level up in this life?

i really appreciate those people who can think of future i am always the type who thinks of plan that just pops out!

need to be more serious in this society and think future! future planning!!!!

puts thinking cap and cap and caps on! TURN ON operation SERIOUS!

lets try to move the level together.!! push push push!!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

successful business......sigh

everyone i know simply thinks that business is a very simple and profitable thing.

but the truth is hard to accept. Why ?

first of all, people who thinks that ur running a business is a BOSS. Now everyone mentality thinks that BOSS = LOTS OF MONEY.

Being a boss is really tough, because we need to ensure our workers gets their salary on time, and the business have enough operating cashflow to make business.

when people look at my business, they do tend to think that i'm making alot of money, due to the fact there are always alot of people in my place.

now lots of people doesnt necessary generates Sales - WHY ??
cause if the people are only just enjoying the aircond, the internet and the sofas...its not going to help me move the cashflow to positive, RIGHT?

then again, u have customers that comes in with one drink that lasts the whole day! now that is another problem, due to the lack of movement within the shop!

then u have customers that comes in and shares drinks with 3 people...... hmmm

then u have customers that i lable them as "FREE RIDERS"... JUST SURF THE NET AND NOT ORDERING!

then u have customers that comes to just accompany the friends...that takes up my table and chairs...which are limited...

then u have customers that purchases OUTSIDE drinks and food , and yet they chill out at your place....

SO this adds up of negative cashflows!


thats alot of cash we are talking about! the OVERHEADS~

so does this means being a BOSS IS so damn GREAT>??

i guess not. from my own experience!

---u see now, why workers are better off! cause even if the company is not making money..they get PAID ON TIME! and it does not reflect on them at all, not even a bit!

they have less work, but same pay!

workers does not need to think about cash flow! they only THINK ABOUT THE SALARY DATE!

wow thats just simply amazing! =)


i am on the verge of giving up..nothing is EASY. and its not FUN!
the only fun part is that u have people calling u BOSS. thats all.

business is really tough and i am very tired of putting up with the daily routine that doesnt increase!


will continue soon!