Tuesday, June 30, 2009


walking in the dreams, cant stop dreaming!

wake me up when the dream turns into reality!

with lots of love ! baby tigger

tuesday ...the day of the light

today is wonderful. coz today is the day i feel nice.

what happen? i also cant relate to anything coz i just feel the nice cool breeze running thru my eyes and neck. just simply amazing..mama mia!

nothing ia more than the wind the is so coool .. i love me!

Monday, June 29, 2009

tigger's cafe


Sunday, June 28, 2009

mia mia mama mia!

i want to be FREE!

iced lemon tea

babytt is having a nice cup of iced lemon tea! savouring the flavour of lemon...which is pretty sweet at one point! just the right flavour we want in life!

nothing special. today is sunday and i am feeling weak and tired! really i am! really tired! just wanna have a good long bathe and sleep till the baby wakes!

the sunday is ending!! the monday is coming!

same old same old. nothing more nothing less! lets have a great sunday! muackieS!

Friday, June 26, 2009

sometimes we smile

sometimes we smile,sometime we cry... right!

we cant always be crying... coz we are human, we need to have a balance... balancing is hard to come by.

babytt is always hoping to a simple life. but alot of factors are not providing me with the SO CALLED SIMPLE LIFE!

i just want to live the life of a simple babytigger. just jolly and smily!

when i was young, i was always happy go lucky.. hard to see me sad, and u can always see a smiling face. its true, back few years, has changed me. the smiling is hard to come. the happiness dont seem to be flowing the correct path. its like moving away from babyjeff's path! i want to do a cross road with my life again. i want to ! come and cross my path ms.happiness! COME BACK TO ME! and to MS saddie! please leave me alone! please!

About Baby Tigger cafe

Baby T Café

A new place for you to enjoy a fresh brew coffee from Segafredo Zanetti. We would like to invite you and your friends to a new place created with fusion and style for your daily coffee needs. Come and experience a comfortable place for work and play @ Baby T café.


Surf the Internet while enjoying your favorite Baby T coffee. We offer high speed Wireless Internet Access (Wi-Fi) complimentary to our customers. Now you can enjoy a great cup of Segafredo coffee while you surf your favorite site!


Grab a cup of your favorite coffee on a To-Go cup, that you’ll never miss Baby T coffee wherever you want to go. A discount of RM0.50 for every take away coffee!

Fresh and tastier

At Baby T café, we find the finest and freshest ingredients and use them to bring you yummy ranges of rice, noodles and sandwiches that compliments our range of coffee. We pride ourselves on quality and always strive to source our ingredients locally.

In Baby T café, you will find exciting and tasty snacks to enjoy as you snuggle up with your favorite cup of coffee. Come into your local Baby T Café at any time and enjoy the experience like you never had before.

Baby T café
Lot G-12 Casa Tiara Apartment
Persiaraan Kewajipan Subang
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

michael jackson! DEAD!

oh my oh my.. the king of pop is DEAD! rest in peace! how sudden is that! KING OF POP is offline and resting 6 feet below!

you see, life is short. try to have the best of each day or else you would just be gone from the world and thats the end of your life story! THE END!

Everyday is a new day, thats what lots of people are saying. but do we live everyday like a new day? i think we always sulk upon the days of yesterday! ha! gotcha!

nothing comes easy, nothings come without suffering. all we need to do is be a great person everyday and be something amazing. try to amaze yourself! just try!

whenever you are upset or DOWN, just think of methods to make you up! maybe a stroll, or a movie, or even doing something CRAZY! but no DRUGS OKAY! babytigger is not into drugs nor promote drugs to people! something crazy could be anything! okay! just not DRUGS!

just believe in your self. the strength within you is the strongest power you can have!. NEVER GIVE UP. NEVER LOSE YOUR CONFIDENT.

how to be a better person! muackies!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

south africa Vs BRazil

confederation cup 2009!

go brazil go !

Segafredo @ babytiggercafe!

we have segafredo!!!!!


life is colourful....

we are always chasing for a better future or a better tomorrow (to be short)

but how often do we actually get a better tomorrow?>? not very i think..

today i met up with a wise man, he told me about networking. Networks of people. Many of us know alot of people and that doesnt mean its NETWORK. Why? coz only network that helps us when we need and also provide us opportunity are networks.

People who are willing to assist you and people who are willing to give u opportunity are those you can consider as networks.

Not the amount of people YOU know that is just knowing for the sake of knowing, which never share and never give anything to you. those kind of networks are just PEOPLE KNOWING network. ok. those people doesnt share anything with you.

so let us be wise and alter our term of network, as only real people gives you a network!

babytigger is happy today

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

thank god

i love you god

Beyond - Hoi fut tin hung * babytigger's fav song///

Verse 1
Gum tin ngor, hon yea lui hon shuit piu gwor
Wai jeok lang kap liu dik sum wor piu yuen fong
Fung yue lui, jui gwor
Mou lui fun but ching ying chung
Tin hung hoi fut lei yue ngor, hor wui bin

Sui mut joi bin

Verse 2
Dor siu chi, ying jeok lang ngan yue gau siu
Chung mut yao fong hei gwor sum jung dik lei siong
Yat sat na, fong fat
Yeok yao sor sat dik gum gok
But ji but gok yi bin tam, sum lui ngoi

Sui ming bak ngor

Yuen leong ngor jea yat sang but gei fong jung ngoi ji yao
Ya wui pa yao yat tin wui dit dou ohhhhnooo
Pui hei liu lei siong, sui yan dou hor yi
Na wui pa yao yat tin ji lei gung ngor

[Verse 1]


Ying yin ji yao ji ngor
Weng yuen do cheong ngor dor
Dao bin chin lei


nothing beats this song! thanks to this song babytiggercafe is operational..
this song really inspire me! everybody can do it! nothing is impossible, it just takes an extra mile in life.

we might think that things are hard in life, but no PAIN no GAIN..

everyone has its own freedom and love to strive for freedom in life. here we are together building a future together.

10 hard times, comes one GREAT time. its okay to feel stress and pain, but never GIVE UP in life.

trust yourself and be ready to rock the world when the time is right!

muackies! babytigger loves all of you.
thanks for the support and strenght. i love u

Monday, June 22, 2009

mundane! monday again

so many mondays has past us by...and its another monday today! woo.. dont we just feel darn tired of living in this world of working! BA! we do it everyday.

pretty sienz di! coz of the work and hassle that we have to encounter daily! Baha! the past few days has been pretty tiring and the best part is actually pretty painful! haha! coz of the tiredness it gives!

babyt is hoping for another holiday so that babyt can once again relax for a couple of days. days now passes by quick and painful! when would the sky be clean and clear?? when will the sun shine?

we all are scared to fall down, but one day we will fall, just depends on the depth of the fall....

prepare for more hardship and hard sail...then we would also one day see the smooth sea! that let us sail peacefully! =) muackies!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

just the right model!

Model - Ms. Kelly is just so nice! sweet and fun ! dont we all just wish to have that body! Effing nice

Friday, June 19, 2009

Christiano ronaldo -manchester united now REal madrid -=-=- flirting with Paris Hilton! woootS!

effing cool! careful ronaldo! she has alot of sickness! dont get infected!

fhua ailrhef kljffure fdiubf adhao;hgfn

lfkrebfnfdq a;jdf uvn.
afl glrkjng;gr2[oijvm'

afnjnfjdgn ahdj; hrlkaf

adbcfhv r;wlnafm

ware ware ha!

everyday is a hard day! very hard very moving around! life is hard! life is fun! we live everyday like there is no tomorrow...and with a hoping of a better future or a better tomorrow!

people who live life a day by a day! are people who would try to enjoy the best in their days! even its its tough!

when the tough gets going the fun starts coming! muacki+E!S!

the hardest thing

the hardest thing is to do sales! wonder how sales man do it! they are simply amazing! always working their asses out and get rewarded later on. its just so hard to do it! you know:?

so never look down on a sales man any more in the future okay! they are hardcore people! trust me! they are! heart and confident level high up the sky!

i wanna be a sales person too!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

its very tired

working for the business is very tiring..trust me! its really very tiring!

so long since i blog! coz i have no time to do anything at all.. just working working working! thats all about baby tigger. nothing more than a lil tigger in the shop!

babytiggercafe is hoping for you! to support the cafe.

We at baby t cafe has a variety of beers from local to imported - belgium to german to america and to malaysia!

hoe gaarden, budwiser, stella, corona, carlsberg and many more!

we also serve SEGAFREDO coffee!! please come! and support!

we also do private parties, birthday party!!

swing over to babytiggercafe @ casa tiara, subang jaya

Monday, June 15, 2009

baby t cafe - OPENED

BABY t CAFE IS OPEN~~ JUNE 14TH 2009 Grand opening.

A new cafe is borned, @ the Casa Tiara Apartment, Subang Jaya

the grand opening was really really fun! babytt is so happy that now babytt has a cafe named after babytt! muackies! so effing happy! babytiggercafe! wooots!

the opening ceremony was effing cool, it started out with lion dances , then food and drinks. LAter in the night, after 7pm..the beer crowds started to hit the streets of Casa tiara, and they all went boozeing! carlsberg and corona fans hit babytiggercafe! and carlsberg SOLD OUT! Muahaha! thanks for all the support guys and girls..YOU GUYS AND GIRLS ARE THE BEST! THANKS !! FOR THE SUPPORT !

babytt is very effing happy that friends from all walks of life came!! thanks!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


babytigger is ready to roar!!! roar!!!! its going to be opening ceremony of babytiggercafe this saturday! yes its this saturday 13 of JUNE 2009! the day that marks the journey to babytigger's adventure on the cafe business!

all ready and set for the opening ceremony of babytiggercafe! lets fine tune it to the best till saturday comes!

hope all of u could attend my opening ceremony and come support babytiggercafe! come one come all!

thanks! muackies!

i love you

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

tick tock,...

time is running and babytt is roaring!! roaR! RoAr!! lets get the heat up!

ahhh..,, signs of relief! after 2 months of preparations and supports from all factors, now we are ready! i thank all of you! thanks

Monday, June 08, 2009


the day has started of bright! bright!! nothing ever so bright! i want more sun lights! come shine upon me!

securing the beans in my shop! di! woootS! ever so smooth today! i like it! i like it!


monday here we go again! its a good monday..so far so goood! i hope it just gets better!

had a good breakfast today, simply good! just like a complete meal, its been long since i actually take breakfast coz its always been waking up after the breakfast hour! but this time i did wake up for breakfastzz! nice! just nice.. people always says, a breakfast kickstarts your day, and i think its true! try it... have a great breakfast then start your day with it! its different!dont just trust me, do it! alritexx

synergy- combining all powers together to create a huge explosion of happiness!

off to deal with mr.coffee beans to stock up and deal a contract for sponsorship on babytiggercafe. so here we go! muackies!


babytt is having fun!!nothing more than fun !! trying to relax and have a better mind! so lets just have fun! alrite!! smiles for babytt!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

one step at a time

one step at a time! no worries! dont worry be happy!

wow babytt cafe sign board is up as we speak!

currently babytt signboard on the cafe is up! muackies!

days gone by.....

NOWADAYS the days goes by with passion and also a lil tea spoon of stress to fill up my day. nothing comes by easy nor simple anymore, once u start doing business its like alot of things that requires brain power, thats one thing babytt is short of.. something babytt really lacks of. maybe need to take peoples advice and pop those vitamins and brand essense of chicken to improve stability on the brain power! boo hoo! anyone willing to donate some? babytt is willing to get it from ur place! just name the time and location! i need help! *nutty babytt*

its been so long, since like i had a holiday, coz its been self working all the past 2 months plus! and finally my babytiggercafe can be launch!! i just cant wait to see all the customers in my shop *paws cross tight tight* i need lots of support girls and guys! its my first cafe! please support me!

i know its not going to be easy and further more its recession time! so babytt is crossing its paws and tails together to hope for the best!

remember to come support me! www.babytiggercafe.com
one place where customer are always right! and its fully equip with sports channels, wifi and smoking zones! a one place for everything, beers, ciggys, shishas! and also tasty light snacks!

come one, come all..

will be awaiting! muackies!

Friday, June 05, 2009

feeling ill

24th birthday hit me with high fever and also vomit and also shitting! my oh my.. worst and slowest 24 hours of june 4th! bluek!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

how am i going to celebrate

babytt will be having a party soon..stay tune!!

@ babytiggercafe babytcafe

happy birthday

today its my birthday....=) to me...
wishing things to go smooth sail!!! i need more luck =)

muackies! and thanks for the birthday wishes!!!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

strong! and old

oooh...babytt birthday is just around the corner! or u can say its even nearer than the corner! muahaha! realLY! its just around the corner! no kidding! can be counted with hours and minutes! boohoo! i just cant wait to be older! another year! just old! old babytt! sighness! old old old!

this year 2009, has given me alot of things! really alot of thingS! good and bad things too! we just have to accept the fact that its always a angel and devil world in our daily life!

nothing comes easy and nothing good comes equally easy! rite! coz there are alot of bad bad bad people around that is trying to demoralize us! so just stand strong and get ready for storm! we can do it! i love babytt.

this year babytt birthday wish is for everything to sail smoothly! wink wink! i love!

Monday, June 01, 2009

its getting dark

i am feeling scared! its getting dark and old! wowowowowT! shits!


life sucks! to the max! trust me! i know about it! when things dont go properly. life sucks!
and when life sucks! we tend to start thinking mad stuffs! woootS! i need a miracle!

rocka rolla costa!

moving up and down and up and down! when will it just be up up up up up up up up up up up up up up!

life is boring! really boring! i wan my birthday present!! i want!i want! i want ! i want!


babytt is playing forex nowadays! or u can say just started! wowo! its exciting! really! you guys should try! even a girl can make money if they are right! just simply choose and wait! muahaha!

new shoes coming!