Saturday, June 06, 2009

days gone by.....

NOWADAYS the days goes by with passion and also a lil tea spoon of stress to fill up my day. nothing comes by easy nor simple anymore, once u start doing business its like alot of things that requires brain power, thats one thing babytt is short of.. something babytt really lacks of. maybe need to take peoples advice and pop those vitamins and brand essense of chicken to improve stability on the brain power! boo hoo! anyone willing to donate some? babytt is willing to get it from ur place! just name the time and location! i need help! *nutty babytt*

its been so long, since like i had a holiday, coz its been self working all the past 2 months plus! and finally my babytiggercafe can be launch!! i just cant wait to see all the customers in my shop *paws cross tight tight* i need lots of support girls and guys! its my first cafe! please support me!

i know its not going to be easy and further more its recession time! so babytt is crossing its paws and tails together to hope for the best!

remember to come support me!
one place where customer are always right! and its fully equip with sports channels, wifi and smoking zones! a one place for everything, beers, ciggys, shishas! and also tasty light snacks!

come one, come all..

will be awaiting! muackies!

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