Thursday, June 25, 2009

life is colourful....

we are always chasing for a better future or a better tomorrow (to be short)

but how often do we actually get a better tomorrow?>? not very i think..

today i met up with a wise man, he told me about networking. Networks of people. Many of us know alot of people and that doesnt mean its NETWORK. Why? coz only network that helps us when we need and also provide us opportunity are networks.

People who are willing to assist you and people who are willing to give u opportunity are those you can consider as networks.

Not the amount of people YOU know that is just knowing for the sake of knowing, which never share and never give anything to you. those kind of networks are just PEOPLE KNOWING network. ok. those people doesnt share anything with you.

so let us be wise and alter our term of network, as only real people gives you a network!

babytigger is happy today

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