Friday, June 26, 2009

michael jackson! DEAD!

oh my oh my.. the king of pop is DEAD! rest in peace! how sudden is that! KING OF POP is offline and resting 6 feet below!

you see, life is short. try to have the best of each day or else you would just be gone from the world and thats the end of your life story! THE END!

Everyday is a new day, thats what lots of people are saying. but do we live everyday like a new day? i think we always sulk upon the days of yesterday! ha! gotcha!

nothing comes easy, nothings come without suffering. all we need to do is be a great person everyday and be something amazing. try to amaze yourself! just try!

whenever you are upset or DOWN, just think of methods to make you up! maybe a stroll, or a movie, or even doing something CRAZY! but no DRUGS OKAY! babytigger is not into drugs nor promote drugs to people! something crazy could be anything! okay! just not DRUGS!

just believe in your self. the strength within you is the strongest power you can have!. NEVER GIVE UP. NEVER LOSE YOUR CONFIDENT.

how to be a better person! muackies!

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