Monday, July 28, 2008

Real Mart

Nuffnang Gift Idea Contest

I would like to give Sherrymint a Sony Cybershot DSC-T300-black - T300
Because she has not much pictures and need to take more quality and exciting pictures to entertain us , readers in her lovely blog. With this She can fulfill the no.1 requirement of a true blogger! And all of us can be happy!!! She can be happy too.!

P/s : please let me win! So that sherry can have a great quality camera! Courtesy of nuffnang!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

“My Favourite Computer Game of All Time”

“My Favourite Computer Game of All Time”

Lets go back 6 years ago… “REWIND” there was this game titled Counter Strike. As a school kid, I got attracted with this fascinating game with all those guns and grenades, Flash bangs and also Para guns!

Without any further thinking, me and my mates headed in to the cyber café @ ss15..Started trying to learn how to play the game, which was pretty hard to be good at that starting point.. Playing playing playing… every other day, right after school, we would head to the CC to play more and more…

Got so addicted to Counter strike, that I even purchased the original CD, so that I could play the game online @ my very own home. SiaoW!!

What to do, back then I only have a dial up modem…with telekom, sigh.. the best part is when I’m online playing the Counter strike, my Ping was as high as 250-410pingS! And lots of the rest of the online players have pings like 30- 80pings! And u called that a fair game.. =)

Never minded the laggings, I continue playing the game till the wee wee mornings everyday. I even took my father HIFI set and linked it to my desktop! So that I can have the Bang Bang Sound louder in my room..

“what to do.. no money to use Streamyx, no money to buy good speakers” ok Stop laughing!

Then after about a year practicing Counter Strike, as the counter terrorist and terrorist, I managed to UP my game. Being specializing in Streyl Aug and the AWP, I was able to start nailing down my enemies!

I Bombed my self so many times! a.k.a NewBIE / NOOB!!! OOH.. I also have skipped so many classes to play counterstrike! Damn idiotic…what to do last time still young.. don’t know the importance of studying.. “ I am a bad boy”

Got that calling so many times! NOOB! =)

Then one fine day, Astro Malaysia, the had created 3 servers for us to play online! Yippie! Local server!..

Went in there to play and play and play……. Till I made friends with the admins of the server.

They started to recruit players from their own server! And the brink of Counter strike Frenzy. I was selected to participate with them as a team!


They have teams like [$] senior, [E] elite, [J] junior, [x] extreme, and [@] admins

So I started playing with the [J] team..for about 3 months, and got promoted to the [x] team! Coz I was an extreme player! Ahhaahaha=) My fisrt Clan and last clan!

Got to know a lot of new friends, we also managed to get close and play Lan Coutner strikes, which has a combinations of all the players from all teams.

We were mad people, playing in CC all around the klang valley!..

Oooh.. if u guys happen to know that last time in Mid valley, there was this super cool Cyber café, which provides u with nice cushions seats, free flow of drinks and free phone calls…. _-the name of the CC I cant remember..- old di!

Me and my team mates, were used to booking the Conference room, that can fit about 8 players. It’s a room by its self.. We camp there every Friday nights! And occasionally Saturday nights as well, we would play 12 hours a day! =)

Right? Freak right? Ahha… well at least we enjoyed the game, back to the game, we al learned how to work in a TEAM, team playing, and how to improve on our strategy… and skills on the games. We are all assigned to master 2 weapons and team play was da best thing to win a game!

wow..we all started playing from the beta versions to the counter strike Zero.. then we disbanded the team..and all went our separate ways in life.. career was the think giving us the GO! Go! GO!..

Had the best experience with team aStRo ! one team that we will never forget! =) we even played with FMJ numerous times! And other online clans!

Ahh..those were the days.. nothing to worry about except improving our games! Now, that we have grown older, so many commitments in life, I guess working is the only thing revolving in our lifes now.

Oooh..and just 2 days ago.. I bought a Gun. – coz I just loved this gun so so so much when I was playing CS.. I bought an Carbine with Silencer! =) yes yes .. I know its illegal and I am still young at heart ok..! behold .. my masterpiece!

Just wish to get a chance to play with nuffnangers in this fantastic game once more!

I sure do miss those days! Muaxks!! Thanks Astro! And thanks Teams!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The following is the upcoming movie in Malaysia that will be bigger than box office! , just received it from my friend today about this new movies. It’s the latest movie coming to your local cinemas and pirated DVD (as usual we purchase movies from Pirated Dvd vendors.

Such amazing movies we have that the publicity has already widely spread through the whole world.
With great actors, and also sexy ladies in all of this movies!

Get ready some pop corns, Heineken, Carlsberg and even some soft drinks for the kids when your watching these movies > =) Bon appetite!

Thumbs up!! *****5 stars! Grammy awards movies!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Food and Tea restaurant Hongkong -

Food and Tea restaurant Hongkong - @ Tebrau City,Johore

Never ever ever eat at this Restaurant.

Bad Services attitude, slow services, and also crappy Food!..

I ordered a glass of honey lime peach tea... and also a lobak cake.. u know those u eat at any local dim sum shoppe... ya those..

and it turns out to be so freaking Soggy and Black, taste awful and also looks like Shit!.. literally looks like a piece of Dog shit!

Picture in the menu seems so nice! and tasty!

Worsts part is, the waiteress and waiter says its perfectly fine, its like that...
i ended up not eating the piece of shit... and wasted my hard earn money on that thingy!!

Tada... the following is the pics i took from the restaurant today! ..

So if its possible .. i advise you readers not to dine in this restaurant!


the Red cliff of my life

everyday of my boring life, most of the time it involves work, stress, preassure, arguement, frustration and also tiredness.

Neglecting the fun part of being a 23 year old. Missing the happiness others are enjoying. Working almost 7days a week. Feels like i am a 7eleven outlet, 7 days a week 24 hours a day!

People @ my age, are partying hard on weekends, going for movies, having lots of drinking and yam cha sessions, holidaying @ redang or some island, or better still sleeping cum relaxing @ home sweet home..

i;m just different. i dont really have that luxury to perform many of those frequently. =) There are other thing on hand that i would be doing.

Life ;s pfretty sucky at office toooo.. no passion! in office = dead

Many has asked me like a thousand times, why do u need to put yourself in that situation? why work so much? and enjoy so little?.. i use to have very straight forward answer. But now, i dont know the answer to those questions.

i just want to give up chasing after my dreams......too tired already.

waiting..... low low low..... Flo rida

waiting is always the slowest time in our life. we often wait for everything in our daily life.

hmmm...think think.. ya we do wait everyday for everything. nothing comes to you..and even if u wait..they dont make it faster right?

we wait during traffic lights, for food, for petrol, for toll, for our loved ones, for our files, for our friends, for the movie to start, for our que for tickets, for toilet, for bus, for trains, for events, for fun things, for our blog to load, for our items to arrive, for love, for money, for happiness..and the list goes on..

And when we are in that situation, we always have stress problems arising, piss off mode, insomnia, worried, moody, and also shaky! well thats why we are called "the Human BEANS!" its just our nature to act like that. As we are being preceived that we should behave like this!..

we are always a :"waiter" =)

*nights*hope all of u enjoyed tonights Hennessy Artistry tonight..with performances from MAchi!, Pop Shuvit, FLORIDA and also FlO Rida... (ggaga)

Peace out! time to head to the jungle bed!
just my 2 cents! coz cxant sleep!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Renault F1 with ING

At terbau city, Johore, there is a Renault ING roadshow going on till this Saturday. Their main objective of the event is to create Brand awareness and also to collect data from us, to do a future follow up to help us create a proper insurance policy/saving plans.

This event is in conjuction with the Renault F1 team, they have a miniature sepang circuit created with sponges, this is for us to participate in the competion of Radio Remote control cars. All a player has to do is to race 2 laps in the circuit with a renault F1 car model and be the Winner in both the lap.! and whats the prize??????????????????

A Renault F1 car 1:20 the latest Renault car for this season 2008. " only the champion can get the F1 model car.! "

So why not drop by to the ING roadshow @ terbau city! it ends this sunday! so Get ur asses down there and win some renault remote control car!

Besides that, they have nitendo WI available for you girls to participate and there are other cool prizes to be won!

oooh ooh. they also created a computer game with the lion of ING. Players have to use the ING lion and pass thru a few levels to accumulate the most point out of the PC game.. And there are prizes for this activity tooo!


And guess whats the best part??

YEs, tigger managed to be the champion of the day!! tigger won a Renault F1 Remote Control Car! ahaha!! and its damn very super COOL!! so excited! )

I am so happy!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Skol Super official Launch @ hutan sg. Lipur


the official launch of SKol Super 9%, its the new range of beer from Skol to skol super.

The launch was held @ Hutan Sg. Lipur.on 12 of July.

Location - in the Forest!
Condition- Wet! muddy ! mosquitoes! Rain

The journey up to the forest was really bad, one road for both ways. Whether ur going up or down, its just one road and its not even a road its all MUD!

I was driving my Merc up there, and regretted so badly to have used that car! i mean its off road! and it has no street lights! damn !

thank god the cars that was on its way down was those 4x4 car. they just drive up the slope and down, so that they avoid banging me off the track!

Its the official launch of the skol super with 9% alcohol, in conjunction with the Campfire jamboree held by the 4x4 associations.

Skol Beers were every where @ the venue. those uncles who own those 4x4 vehicles has been camping there for 3days to celebrate the launch of the beer!

well uncle + skol super = DAmn High! furhtermore in the forest! ahha!

well there were also alot of their family attended the camping, kids, wifes, girlfriends, Datuk chin also was there to officiate the launch of the Skol Super!

well this is the First time i go into a forest, first time i see so many huge ass 4x4, first time i participated in an event of BEER @ forest! damn different!

All well, it was really fun!

got horny uncle in SARONG dancing his night away! ahha ! little birdie!


hihi..just now in subang, then damansara, then kl city then subang then now in Johore!

just had turkey sandwiches @ room service! quite pricy! but its all good.. as i am hungry after the 3 hrs drive to johore!

cant sleep! dont know why! =)

Tomorrow got Honda Stream Event @ Terbau City! =) see u all there!


mayhem @ Kl city



Today Freaking Jam ! all Because of the motion " No confidence in PM" , do u know just because of this problem between our nice big shot in town =)caused all the madness jam in Kuala Lumpur.

took me 1 hour to reach the office, which is normally 20 mins tops! Have to use the highway to get to office. then Headed down to KL city which caused me to stuck in the jam for another 1.30 hours. then back home another 1.15 mins to reach home!

Thanks wei.. for al the traffic jams! anyway, by putting roadblocks all over the town, do u think u can stop people from doing illegal gathering? ? i mean it i am really a supporter, i would jam my way to the destination rite?? makes sense?

unless u practically do a MARSHALL law, to disallow people from leaving their homes, i dont think u can do anything with just your roadblocks!

Anyway, the jam has cause to me to think alot about our lovely country. Why cant the Big boys just settle this in peace? dont have to cause the Rakyat to suffer rite????

Sigh, just get this over with and move on Malaysia, dont make us a Fool in the eyes of the world!

We are strong if we unite! and not when we are always fighting over issues!

-) pray hard, the tomorrow of Malaysia will be always friendly and united!

Stop fighting!

Peace and love u !


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Beauty and the Beast - Broadway musical 2008

Beauty and the Beast – Broadway musical @ KLCC plenary hall.

Second time I have been to such musical show @ the plenary hall, and it is such a great show to watch. Beauty and the Beast really rock my night. Its very very superduper cool musical show. One that would be in my mind for a long long time. Such a different perspective towards the animated cartoon. Totally different feel.

The show run for an approx. 120mins inclusive of breaktime.
The actors were very talented. Music was wonderful. Ambiances was extraordinary. Effects were simply fantastic.

Well u get the hang of it, the 120 mins is so much better than the movie! So much more interesting with all those singings, and high tech effects! Wow!

Wow is the only word I can relate it to this event that was brought to us by Yvents! Event company! U guys should do this more frequent! Splendid.

And I was there on the finale day of the musical show, accompanied with Dato Sri Dr. Mahatir and his wife! = ) even more splendid.