Sunday, August 31, 2008

Malaysia merdeka!

woot! wooot! is merdeka! and i hate it! coz i was stuck in a freaking jam from subang to sunway pyramid for 1 45 mins! all because of idiotic people that park on the sky bride to wait for fireworks! damn idoit! dont know why people would do such thing also ! siow! its all because of them the whole roads in sunway is jam!

Brainless ! body less!! and ass holeS! dont they know that there isnt going to be firework @ sunway! donkey! next time ask me la! asssesss!!!

MME Race @ sepang 2008

One Hack of an event to be held on the eve of MErdeka! 30th August 2008 - Sepang F1 circuit!

Merdeka Millenium Endurance Race ! wooot! wooot! drives have to drive in their Cars and lap for 12 hours on the sepang Circuit! non stop! besides for Pitstop! (change tyres, fuels, and fixing any damages in 15 seconds or less!

And i was given the luxury to be in the HMRT - HONDA MALAYSIA RACE TEAM! PIT ! WOOOT!

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 28 (Bernama) -- Honda Malaysia, in further promoting the Merdeka spirit, will field an entirely all-Malaysian team for this weekend's Merdeka Millennium Endurance (MME) 2008 race.

To be held at the Sepang International Circuit near here, the Honda Malaysia Racing Team (HMRT) will also be aiming for its sixth straight win after winning the Class A (production cars above 1900cc) category in the last five years.

Honda Malaysia will enter two Civic Type R, which had been locally-built at its plant in Pegoh, Melaka, for this years competition, where more 100 cars, including Porsches, Aston Martins and Lotuses, will take part.

The annual 12-hour race, which began in 2000, is divided into four categories: Open for modified racing cars, A for production road cars with engine capacity exceeding 1900cc, B for production road cars with engine capacity exceeding 1600cc and C for production road cars with engine capacity below 1600cc.

Atsushi Fujimoto, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of Honda Malaysia, said the greatest challenge for HMRT in 2008 was to achieve local competency.

"Preparation for this years MME was even tougher as we were independent of assistance from our Japanese counterparts," he said.

Last year, HMRT members were supervised by Mugen from Japan throughout the whole process. This year HMRT has a combined strength of 34 members, all of whom are employees of the Pegoh Honda plant.

Fujimoto said endurance tests such as the MME provide an excellent opportunity for Honda employees to continuously improve and challenge their own limits.

"The skills they hone in being a HMRT member are carried onto their daily jobs in the Malaysia Boleh spirit," he said.

HMRT will have two new drivers this year, Victor Cheong and Faisal Asri, who join four drivers from last year, Eddie Lew Kar Wai, Rueben Wong, Fahrizal Hasan and Aaron Lim.

Driver Fahrizal said racing was not all about the machine itself. "It works by a set of team, which comprises the drivers, the car and the men working behind it," he said.

Syahril M. Azmi, HMRTs Technical Advisor, said the company was giving opportunities to more new employees to learn new skills and knowledge that can then be applied to their daily jobs.

Irwan Abdul Hamid, a technician in the company’s Facility Maintenance, Manufacturing Division, said he was fortunate to be selected for training in Japan last year as he learnt new techniques and working and handling tools in the correct manner.

"And most important of all, they (Japanese) taught us management. For example, when we want to do anything, we need to think ahead so that work becomes more systematic. We have to develop ourselves to plan and manage our own work process and flow for better results.

"HMRT also taught us to always put safety first, in particular to think of others when we are doing anything. So, it is not just our own safety that we need to think about, we also need to take care of the safety of all our team-mates."

Mohd Faizul Mohd Ghazali, a newcomer to HMRT, said being in HMRT required punctuality and a lot of discipline.

"This training will be useful and will be carried on in my daily work after MME. I can't wait to share my experiences in HMRT with my fellow associates at the plant because the cars we produce are also for export and high standard is required in our work.

"To be given the opportunity makes me very proud and I am determined to show that Malaysians can overcome challenges and produce good work."


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jokers! of ireland!

John O'Reilly hoisted his beer and said, 'Here's to spending the rest of me life, between the legs of me wife!'

That won him the top prize at the pub for the best toast of the night!

He went home and told his wife, Mary, 'I won the prize for the Best toast of the night'
She said, 'Aye, did ye now. And what was your toast?'
John said, 'Here's to spending the rest of me life, sitting in church beside me wife.'

'Oh, that is very nice indeed, John!' Mary said.

The next day, Mary ran into one of John's drinking buddies on the street corner.

The man chuckled leeringly and said, 'John won the prize the other night at the pub with a toast about you, Mary.'

She said, 'Aye, he told me, and I was a bit surprised myself. You know, he's only been there twice in the last four years. Once he fell asleep, and the other time I had to pull him by the ears to make him come.'

FOOT massages!

Our country is going to have its birthday soon, yeah this sunday.. MERDEKA!!2008!

Well, sadly i am not looking forward for this 31st, cause it doesnt really mean much to me besides the public holiday on Monday. Not really a special occasion also..Bluek!

just another ordinary day of the week. Whats there to do this weekenD? hmmmmph..
i guess i'll go for a foot massage again! ooh..i'm so addicted to Foot massage nowadays. I have been going for foot massage every week! and yes EVERY week! woot wooot! damn fun! thats the thing i look forward tooo every week! once a week i feel fresh! sometimes we need to pamper our self! dont over do it but its ok.. we need to love ourself more! "thats something i have been lack of the past 23 years of my life!" LOVE OUR SELF ! PAmper ourself! Truely differenT.. truely remarkable.
Just a random picture i found in my phone..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mobile Honda Road show 2008 kuching

Just back From Kuching!! =) for the Mobile Honda tour 2008!

copied this article from some borneo post! =) coz i too lazy to write about this event, since there is such a Great write up i found!

it was held inconjuntion with the new Launch of the HOnda JAZZ !!

KUCHING: Visitors to the Honda Mobile Roadshow during the three-day event starting yesterday will have the opportunity to view and test drive the all new second generation Jazz, besides taking home free test drive gifts.

Sales manager Andy Ismail said visitors would also have the chance to test drive other popular models such as the Accord, the Civic and Stream.

“The main objective of this Honda Mobile Roadshow, organised by Jimisar Corporation, is to increase public awareness of the Honda brand image, and to encourage the public to test drive the various Honda models.

“This is an opportunity for the public to experience the joy of driving a Honda model. The roadshow is expected to draw in a crowd of 10,000 visitors over the three days,” he said at the unveiling of the all new Honda Jazz, held at the Travilion Mall yesterday.

The all-new Jazz has a dynamic exterior styling, best in class spaciousness and comfort, class leading performance and drivability with good fuel efficiency, and advanced safety features - all befitting of its new and premium image.

He added that the all new Honda Jazz would be powered by the newly enhanced 1.5 litre i-VTEC engine, and available in the Grade S and Grade V variants, both of which command a class leading output of 120PS.

Colour schemes available are cerulean blue metallic, alabaster silver metallic, taffeta white and crystal black pearl.

“The 1.5 S Variant is priced at RM106,800 and the 1.5 V Variant at RM110,800 on-the-road.

“Our target customers are women and men aged 25 to 39 who are determined, young singles or families who seek to be discerned and unconventional and yet enjoy a car that is highly practical and reliable,” he said.

He said he was confident the all new Jazz would be well received by today’s discerning customers, and they expected to sell 20 units per month.

SOrry ! for the bad pictures quality! i dont have a high tech camera..its just from my camera phone! =)

Bangkok! 2008 !

i want to go to Bangkok!!! i want to go Bang some nice hard kok!! *tee**HEE*
i can feel it!... its coming sooon! i can smell bangkok already! =) BOOHAA!

anyone with hotel recommendations??? or places to visit in bangkok? !!

Dont mess with The Zohan - 270808

If your having a boring and tired day @ work, why dont u mess with this movie for 1hour 45 mins?

It will get raid of your dull day at work. So Please MEss with the Zohan for awhile!
*only recommended if u just want to laugh and uFF ufff ufff Old ladies! =)

A top Israeli commando named Zohan (Adam Sandler) fakes his own death in order to pursue his dream: becoming a hairstylist in New York. Though he wants to put his life of counter-terrorism behind him, he quickly finds that it is not so easy to escape one's roots. As enemies old and new try to take him out, they will all come to learn the same thing: you don't mess with the Zohan.

Worth watching on DVD's only. Not Cinema material recommended.

back in action...

will be updating by today,,,midday!!

see u all around..!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Blues

Be going back to kl tonight..i just cant wait to go back to my home sweeet home, just cant wait.. to visit my rat rat. and rabbit rabbit..

this past few days here has been very hot and hard. coz of the work here @ Kuching and the crazy weather of rain and HOt weather!

just had a long conversation and i would like to apologize. I'm Sorry...I'm Sorry.

Tiggers Motto " as long as your happy, i'm happy too"

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Monster Tongue

having my lunch @ Monster Tongue... accompanied by DJ 68.

yummy... having potatoe salad and belacan fried rice. =) yummy,..

Friday, August 22, 2008

Kuching, Honda Malaysia

baby tigger is ooof oooof and away!! flying now! Currently @ airport. GOing to fly to Kuching in just a few more minutes! so just before i fly..i like to say i am so excited to go to Kuching.. Never been to the east coast before. So this is the first time i am visiting Kuching. and the very best part is >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ITS FREE.....

Why is it Free? thanks to Honda Malaysia for providing me complimentary air tickets, Hotels and around Kuching. Muah... HAppy me!..

-=-=- bloopers!-=-=-
ooh the next trip to Labuan - they are providing me DOrsett HOtel! wow! thanks!

ok..time to board the Planne! see u soon!! hugs!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008



yea!! i am eating McDonalds for my dinner! as we speak.... slurping the Coke...and the Fries!! ooh yummy! (yes i am at office)

GOLD MEDAL MEAL is just so yummie!! very feeling too!! cant win the olympics gold medal for malaysia, so we all eat MCdonalds GOLD MEDAL meal to satisfy our hungrie stomach! GO!!go!! GOLD!

1 more day to KUCHING!!! ahahaha

Shit happens

Staring at the blue sky, looking down at the hole that is just infront of me. I have to cross to the other side. But the hole is to deep to jump over or walk down. So i need to find sands to cover the hole in order to cross it. But is it possible to cover a hole which is so deep? in a short time? hmmmmmmm....

miracles need to happen now. so all that matters will most likely be able to settle it. "i need a miracle"

*tigger cross his fingers and tail tight tight.*

Disney Pixar - WALL*E


Is a must watch movie this month of August! Animated it may seem, but its really interesting for our tired eyes.

Funny, how this movie illustrate that We humanBeans need Robots to tell us that our earth is actually going to extinct. And teaches us that robot loves the world more than us. Wall E also reminds us to be romantic and love our peers. They show more love feelings and caring to other robots than we human do. Sometimes, we as human forget how important is those little extra “cares” and romance required in a relationship. Eva! And Wall E really a Champion in that sense.

*so lets start to be more environmental friendly and love our earth more..*

Rating : 4/5 star

Sextoon - Laughing is needed... =)

OOOh..eeEEEeEE...OOOOOh ...AAAH AAh... something to brighten your boring day. A good laughter is always the best way to cheer yourself up!

Life is never too short to enjoy some funny comical sextoon! well, some of u might be saying...EEEEWWW! but some might go ....OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....

Indulge in the Crazy whacky Sextoon !

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Unsurpassed Freshness...Tuesday

Bored this off the mail today...and taught it might entertain u readers!...on this supercool dad!and DAughter! Girls out there, u see u dont have to have a good looking husband to have great looking kids!... dont be too choosy on ur partner! Sometimes, whats the most important in todays relationship is very simple...

just look for a partner that cares for u , love u and most of all gives u the trust.
What's the point going after Georgoues guys? and Rich kids? if they dont give u all of the mention above criteria..? well , either love or money... u decide for yourself!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Say hello to daddy!!>>>>>>>>>>>>

Shaolin Girl - the movie

Shaolin Girl (or Shorin Shojo) is produced by Shoalin Soccer director Stephen Chow (who also directed Kung Fu Hustle) and stars Shibasaki Ko who plays a girl returning to Japan after undergoing nine years of training in order to take over her grandfather’s Shaolin kung-fu dojo in China and ends up helping out a sport science university’s lacrosse team. Chow regulars Lam Tze Chung and Kai Man Tin are lined up to appear. Shaolin Girl is slated for a late 2008 release.

Kou Shibasaki was born on the 5th august 1981 in Tokyo, her real name is Yukie Yamamura (Shibasaki Kou it's a main character of her favorite manga). She started her career at 14 when her talent was discovered by a star agent. She has worked in many TV shows and commercials. She's beginning to be more famous thanks to her excellent performance in the movie Battle Royale and its character Souma Mitsuko. She has reaching a star statute not only in Japan but all over East Asia. She has an impressing filmography and since 2002 she's started to sing with her first single Trust my feelings. But her singing skills I've been only recognized with her second single Tsuki no shizuku, a song used for the movie Yomigaeri, which was one of the best jpop hits of 2003. She is considered as one of the glamorous queen of drama, earning millions of yens and going out with bad boys.

Shibasaki made her debut in the music industry in 2002 with her first single Trust My Feelings, but she became recognised for her second single Tsuki no shizuku which was used for the movie Yomigaeri. The song was one of the most successful J-Pop hits of 2003. Her first album peaked at number 2 and spent 68 weeks on the Oricon charts. Her second album was considered to be a commercial disappointment compared to her first album, lasting 9 weeks and reaching a peak position of #5.[1]

Shibasaki's first Christmas song, "Actuality", was released in December 2006. "At Home" was released later on February 21, 2007. Both failed to reach the top 10 on the Oricon charts. "Hito Koi Meguri", released on March 28, 2007, reached number 8 on the charts. It became her first single to reach the top 10 since "Invitation". On April 25, 2007, Shibasaki's third album Kiki♥ was released and went straight to number one. On August 3 and 5, Shibasaki held her first concerts - "Kou Shibasaki Premium Live" in Osaka and Tokyo. 2400 participants of the concert were selected from over 30,000 applicants for the tickets (which accompanied the KiKi album).

In April 2008, the singer released two greatest hits albums, entitled The Single Best and The Back Best, each contained various tracks from the past. The Single Best topped the Oricon while The Back Best kept third, this broke Shibasaki's own record for it was her first time to reach top 1 on the weekly chart. In addition to that, she broke the record of Ayumi Hamasaki for maintaining both albums in top 3.

Though unable to compose music, Kou Shibasaki writes the lyrics for most of her songs. Many of her singles have become theme songs for various films, dramas, and commercials.

Acting Career
She was discovered at the age of 14 by an agent and has worked in numerous television shows, movies and commercials. Her stage name is taken from the main character of Junko Kawakami's manga Golden Delicious Apple Sherbet.

She became famous outside Japan for her role in the controversial 2000 film, Battle Royale, where she portrayed the cold-hearted and ruthless Mitsuko Souma; her acting career took off with this movie and also raised her international profile particularly in East Asia. Shibasaki also won acclaim for her role in 2001 film, Go, which earned her several awards, among which the Best Supporting Actress Award of Japanese Academy, the Hōchi Movie Award, the Kinema Junpō Award.

In 2002, Shibasaki took a supporting role as Yuki Mazashita in the television mystery drama, Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi, where she co-starred with Takuya Kimura earning her an award as "Best Supporting Actress" while the show was named Best Drama at the 33rd Television Drama Academy Awards (Japan). She also starred in both seasons of Fuji TV drama, Dr. Koto Shinryojo, which aired in 2003 and 2006 respectively. The show was awarded Best Drama at the 38th Television Drama Academy Awards for its first season.

In 2005, Shibasaki appeared in the independent Japanese film, Mazon Do Himiko. In this film, she plays Saori, an unhappy young woman whose father is gay. Saori meets her father's boyfriend who urges her to come and meet her dying father at a place called Maison Do Himiko where several aging gay men live together. In 2006, she took the role of Dororo in the Japanese film, Dororo along with Satoshi Tsumabuki (her co-star from the 2004 television drama, Orange Days). The film made a sensation in Japan, and topped the box office for nearly six weeks. Shibasaki participated in two more movies in 2007: Maiko Haaaan!!! and Shaolin Girl, scheduled to be screened in 2008.

Shibasaki returned to television in 2007 in Galileo as the female lead co-starring with Masaharu Fukuyama. Highly rated among viewers (it finished its 10 episode run with an average viewership rating of 22%), the role continued her winning run in the medium when she won "Best Supporting Actress" at the 55th Television Drama Academy Awards. The show also won 5 other awards, including "Best Drama".

this show is one of the most hilarious show that i have watched by far this few years, Rating of stars for this movie is 2 STARS.

Very stupid comedy!! Time wasting.. and idiotic story line!.Super cool graphics used in this movie!Actually i had very high expectation to watch this show,but after watching, i just wished i dint waste the money and time for it. Honestly its a stupid show! this show, u learn that if u are against a very bad person, who is trying to kill u, Please dont attack the bad guy! ok! dont attack, just find a way to HUG your opponent, and flourish him/her with lots of warm feeling so that they will lose their anger! and reflect that they are wrong ...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saddenning tigger..

the time of the year has come to me yet another time, everytime when this happen to tigger, he feels like shit and the world is just too big for him, tigger feels like he is an ANT now. just a small living creature.

it only took tigger 4 days to make him from hero to zero. And took him months to make him hero. and only 4 days to make it flat!.. wondering how can this happen again and again?...

sitting @ starbucks yet again, with his faV..caffe latte low fat with a tip of ice in his ToGo cup!. CAnt seem to understand why and how to cure this evil sickness that he is having.

Staring in to the big world, he ask himself, when can i climb he mountain again? be today? a sudden Great Break? ... lets pray hard..and cross all our body parts together!...

*babytigger hoping for luck tonight!!!*

Saturday, August 16, 2008

olympic 2008 beijing update on badminton!

Yulianti Maria Kristin has just defeated (China) Ms. Lu Lan !! 2-1 final score to win the Womens Bronze medal! gReat work !! Olympic Beijing 2008! go go go! indonesia!

Coming right up is POland VS Korea! mens Double !!

Colour Your Feet > Event @ one utama

COlour Your Feet- a special event cater for shoe lovERS! in conjunction with the Merdeka SAle!! if u are planning to buy a new shoe for yourself, and on a tight budget, why dont u drop by @ One utama to purchase these shoes @ a very affordable price??.... hurry while stock last!..

OOOOOooooOOOoooO...Tuborg party anyone? coming right up!!...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

conflict of interest @ starbucks.

Chubby : "u know ah, ur the type of woman that is so lucky.."

Normal : why ah?

Chubby : u got boyfriend also never inform me. until i have to bump into u couples during the weekend, @ pavilion.! How can u keep this secret from me? i am ur best friend ma! All this while u say ur single. Never mention anything about ur BOY!

Normal : erm.. we just started only. Havent update u only..

Chubby : Sure anot, anyway ah, ur BOY got such a nice smile! very nice hair too!YOur so lucky la..Very handsome also!

Normal : he is very caring too!

Chubby : How come he will pick u as his partner wan? i so dont understand him la, not like u and him look good together also!... He blind one isit?

Normal : erm.. he loves me and i love him...,Can anot?

Chubby : oh, its just my opinion only.

Normal : so hows work?

Chubby : eh. dont change topic la... u know ah,"i am like ah, "my head got so much to think about, AAHHHHHHHHHH" no time to go and meet guys.. unlike u so happy and FREE!

Normal : erm... (she has the WAteveR facial expression), dont work too hard lo....anyway i got to go already, my darling is here to pick me! see u around again ok... byebye..

***oh my god!!! this idiot Chubby girl was talking so loud! at starbucks.. !! sigh.. dont they know this is a place to relax after work? and not for her to talk so loud! try to ignore also cannot. coz she is just too loud!!
Poor girl, got boyfriend also must report to CHUBBY??? now i know why she dinbt tell u..coz ur such a Big ASS BitCCH..

Wong Mew Choo @ Beijing 2008

WONG Mew Choo had only herself to blame for letting slip the chance to get into the medals playoff of the women's singles badminton competition at the Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium last night.

She held a total of nine game points in the second game of her quarter-final match against Lu Lan but was unable to force the Chinese third seed to a rubber game and lost the match 7-21, 27-29.

Mew Choo, who was the first Malaysian woman to qualify for an Olympic quarter-final, had no answer to the Lu Lan's aggression in the first game and conceded defeat in 14 minutes.

By far, this is a very interesting game that i 've watch. MEw Choo really did her best, and was a little tension and nervous that caused her the title! I was like Cheering her all the way from my home to support her! she is a great player! a FIGHTER!

ITs okay, Mew choo, come back again.. u can Do the right thing the next time! hugs!

dont understand....

its been awhile already..i feel a little tired, yet i dont understand what i want.

why dont i just stop awhile now, and rest. So that i could find the answers that i am looking for. Why is it so hard to find the answer?.. eventhought its been such a while since i started this thinking. Is it just that i am too dumb to understand what i actually want? or its just that i am a fickle minded person. Clearly if u ask anyone, they would be able to give me the answer. But again, i myself need to make up the decision. But there are just too many things i need to be worrying about. Whether if the decision is Right? Wrong:regret? ..... i want things to be different, perhaps i just have such a big brain, that isnt fully utilised, thats why i keep having to think about the options.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008


life box

i wan i wan!!

what i want??

i want all the nicest things in the world! but how can u achieve that idiot!
hmmmmm.... i can rob a bank! or... i can kidnapped some rich kid!
Muahahahhaha!! i can do all that! no worries!


u can work ur way up to achieve all those! but u need alot of efforT! and time and also sacrifices!

just like this Sad guy here....!

Hmmmm.... i think i think...
both guys also need to work hard...., but mr.joker - need to work similar hard but get instant rewards! wor.... and also one time long term planning can achieve what the other guy need to do for maybe 30 years!

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....i guess i guess
joker is a better way to do it...
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.................i choose i choose
being an auditor !! coz its safe, its a good career, and its a good image!

dont u just love it!
*i like*

Monday, August 11, 2008

For the love of our lifes and future partners.

why do we work everyday of our life? is it because we like to work, or is it because we are FORCE to work.... i guess majority of you would choose the "FORCE"option. Well, i do. I am force to work, why? its the only source of income that we can make out of working..and if u work u will be rewarded with cash : for ::

us to eat
us to travel
us to watch movies
us to go on a holiday
us to drink
us to club
us to buy things we like
us to buy for our loved onces
us to rent a place for shelter
us to buy daily necessity like..shampoo, toothbrush and so on
us to take our loved onces for a date
us to buy a car
us to smoke
us to provide for our kids a better future
us to provide a good environment for our wifes
us to ...............AND the list goes on and on and on.....>>>

Thats a few reasons good enough for us to "FORCE"work on our daily lifes!

DONT CHA............

look the smile on the boy's FAce!
So happy to be carrying all that money, walking around the town of Zimbabwe..Dont u just wish u could do the same? and have that amount of money?? *tee hee*

happy working Kids!
remember " what we do today, echoes for the eternity" words of wisdom by Baby tigger

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kent Launch with Tuborg @ Mines Convention centre

Kent Reinvented Party @ the mines convention centre! 080808. this is far most the most creative event i have been too! very nice layouts! and they really transform the boring convention centre into a night club! how u wish clubs in malaysia are designed this way! sigh..

Kent has a new range of ciggys now.. it is being REINVENTED! they have a range of menthol ciggys! range from 3,6,9. My comment is that the 6 series of menthol is a very nice smooth ciggy! 9 is rather strong, and 3 is toooo light! so 6 is the best! so why not try the new kent 6 menthol.. for a change??

they invited Dj Van halen, over from the ministry of sound UK! and she rocked the party all night long! the initial plan for the party is till 2am. but due to the happening moments with the crowds, they pushed forwarded the time to 3am! and it still rocked till3am!

Free flow of Tuborg beers, and 42 below vodka! for all invited guests! PEople were going nuts by 1am, as most of them really party HARD! there were also alot of hot and steamy girls present at the venue! muah!

Crazy night! rocking night!