Friday, October 31, 2008

Moonlight Resonance

Very good Series to watch. Highly recommended by babytigger. i watch this series, till i cry..and cry and cry...truely remarkable. yes i am sentimental.

my 2 cents

Today had a very bad experience @ Michaelangelo Restaurant @ Pavillion KL! had my dinner over the restaurant. First i would like to complain about the Idiot Waitress.She Suck!and COCKY! very poor customer service she have!

At the beginning, i was waiting to be seated on any of the table. So i was like excause mE? excause me? hello?

then she came and attended me, and seated me right front of the restaurant. Then, i was asking, what pasta is good? serve with seafood.... Then she was saying that the maninara is good. So i said , ok get me one of the MAninara (i pronounce it a bit off tone)...pasta ok.. She WAs like..erm Its MANINARA!..

hmm..i guess she taught she was in an english class or something..sigh.. next, i ask so what else is nice.. do u serve ravioli ah?

Oh.. Yes Ah, we serve ravioli ah.. would u like it ah? (DAMn she was immitating me saying the AH word!) how rude!

Then after all the orders are done, and my mushroom soup came, i requested for Cracked peppper..

Her response was, " u use the pepper on the table " the crack pepper bottle is spoilt."

and i was, ha? spoilt? but i want crack pepper,

Sorry, there is no crack pepper. u can just use the normal pepper.

_soon after the manager came out and apologize becasue of his rude WAitress! and manage to somehow got me crack pepper. SO i question him about it, i taught she say it was SPOILT.. And he said , what u mean spoilt? its working fine....

-=- Had abit of a Q and A with the manager in charge and got all GRumpy over my dinner!-=-

THAT PLACE SUCKS! and its the worst ever service that place has given me. so many times i've been there, and there were no problem at all till today! and i tell u SERVICE SUCKS!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

its TFDW 30/10/08 - Tigger Family Day Weekend

Wonderfully, all the stress has been released already this afternoon, 2 weeks of stress and struggles, its finally over within 3 hours. now all i can do is pray and hope for the best outcome of the examination! hope for pass only! dont have too much expectation also!

Learned alot of life this week, finally understood that there are alot to do in this cruel world, there are far better things to do to make oneself happy and contented. i have finally reached a level where i stop. STOP. stop. Stop ! When u stop asking for more, and compare with other people, u will finally understand how lucky and fortunate for yourself to be living the life u are in. and Feel contented with what u have, instead of always hoping for higher dreams and the reality is that we should be happy with what we have accomplish and achieved. There are alot of people who are less fortunate in this world, some dont even have a family to go back to, some dont even have enough food, or even feeling warm during the nights. No shelter, no money, no happiness at all. Cant even afford a cup of warm drinks in their entire life.

Yet today, we still see alot of people who are not contented that they have a family to go home to after school, or after work or after partying. When u finally lose the family u once have, u will REGRET all the things u have done in the past where u hurt so many people who actually loved u the most. Never realised till its GONE. Like many shows and movies we watch over our life, its always REGRET and Dissappointment at the end, this is because we always taught we are VERY gREAT and dont need anyone or dont need anything, coz we are good enough, But cant u just sit back and start thinking of the happiness u actually have right beside u??

@ this age, alot of youngsters always wants to get out of their homes to go and HAVE FUN. But do u know that ur parents wants to spend time with u ? even if its having u in the living room, but u are dozing away or playing the internet? they just want to feel that your around them. A parent always want the best for their kids, never once u will see a mother or father wants to HARM their own kids. Never will u see that they back off when u need them the most. NEVER is the word. COz they ARE the only one in this horrible world to always stand by ur SIDE, at and when u need them the most. Dont take them for granted. They are old, they want their own kids to be spending time with them, coz they dont know when will they leave u .. they might just leave u at any point of time. so they will be very happy to have u around the house.even if u ignore them.

Parents have gone through alot of STRESS, Problems, Difficulties, and also Heartache, to try to fulfill ur life. they have to work their assess off to earn a living so that they are able to send u to school, prepare food on the table, prepare sound educations, toys, and all so that u can live a better life than they have had. Up today, u still rely on them, coz they are still supporting u even if u dont notice, providing u with financial backing in ur first car, ur first house, ur first marriage and ur first everything.

Take this week off from ur routine Yam cha sessions, clubbesss, or hanging out. Spend some time with them, do u know a little effort from u, can make both ur parents a very happy person. eventhough spending them to lunch,? or movie? or even just a stroll @ ur local shopping malls.

Its Tiggers Family DAY celebration, want to reach out to all readers that, there are time when we neglected the ones that loves us the most, SPend this weekend with ur parents in doing something that u have not been doing for a very long time. just be patient and dont provoke them in anyway, they might be grumpy, just allow them this week. LEt them know how much u love them. Its TIGGERS family day weekend. celebrate TIGGER FAMILY day this weekend. its never too late to show them ur support and love, AS they have never stop loving u and supporting u all this while.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i can see clearly now the rain has gone...

jingle bells jingle bells... christmas is on its way... la la la ..ding ging ding..
Was ulitmately suprise in having Christmas To-Go Cups From starbucks @ the month of october..prolly, starbucks just cant wait for christmas!this year!

just right 8 shots of caffeine for the night/morning. Enough to keep my eyes open, and heart pumping fast that i can cont to study! after this will throw the book away! coz i aint going to study it again! enufFLAR!

i managed to buy one cup, Free one cup Plus Free a Choco Cake! muahah! simply delighted. The partner asked me, why u look so stress? and moodless?.... Exam lo..what else., hmm.. hope this will cheer u up.. a free Cake and Coffee for u so that u can cont to study @ home tonight!

Am very contented in the free latte and cake, so supportive! muah! and it was a Guy ok! that gave me those! Thanks! u a nice PArtner of starbucks!

Current mood - FREAK OUT
Current Level of Stress - Vertically high
Current level of sleepiness - None!
Current level of progress - 67%
current smoke level - Nil for the night.
Current water consumption- High
Current Music - TVB- Moonlight renaissence
Thats me now! and i'm hating it.. ! =(
alrighty just to waste some time on the internet! back to my baby books.. sleep tight all of u readers, Sleep in peace and harmony. When u open ur eyes, its a brand new day and there are alot of suprises waiting for u... Tomorrow is a Suprise and Mystery! muahaha..i am going Siow!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Meet the little humanoid

Clear Blue skies, Crystal waters and 2 boys...

just like this i posted it up...

Deepavali - Weekend

Happy Sunday peeps! happy weekend.. Weekends are meant to be relaxinG! and further more tomorrow is a Public Holiday! its DEEpaVali, so i'll like to extend the season greetings to all my indian Friends and Indian Readers! happy festival of Lights! lights all the way!! woo..

Hmm, half the day has gone, yet the day is still young, manything more to come in the later part of the evening, there is an action pack soccer schedule tonight, starters are Chelsea V Liverpool, you'll never walk alone ! muahah! then there is a birthday dinner @ hartamas, then prolly there is a yam cha session After the dinner, then there is Soccer again, then hmmm Oh ya, back to the books! yeah BOOKS!
YES i NEED TO READ BOOK, A BOOK actually not many books, just a book and a CD!

I remember all my life
Raining down as cold as ice
A shadow of a man
A face through a window
Crying in the night
The night goes into

Morning, just another day
Happy people pass my way
Looking in their eyes
I see a memory
I never realized

ooot...i'm sulking it!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Dreamland time

today is a brand new day. now is 5.10am and i am going to sleep! since its a new day i guess i'll sleep it over! wanna zzzzzzzzz ! tired di...when i wake up, there are alot of things i need to handle. hope i dont over sleep till the late afternoon! as i am doing this whole week!


Go go go!.. ago go ! lets dance our way to sleep and dreamland !! adious!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bugs of lfie... @ StarBucks ... yet again..._

Its thursday again, yet anohter week has gone by. Week in and week out we all have our daily routine to work, study and sleep. Where has all the super entertainment gone? or am i the only idiot in this world to complain about my life?... i think everyone else is having a good, great, fun, and enjoyable life. My oh my, where's mine. i cant seem to find the work life balance..

Having my daily cup of starbucks yet again...feeding into my papers infornt of me. Bored! so i decided to blog just a lil bit to waste my time. Seeing alot of sad people face here @ starbucks. all sitting by them self sipping up their drinks, onlining and staring into the green walls of starbucks. It came to my senses that people who visit starbucks are problematic people. All just want to find peace, thats why they are here, or actually its me who wants to find peace.

ITs 7pm, and people are still coming in to starbucks after working hours, and having their daily dose of coffeee, instead of going home.. Why? WHY? dont they find peace @ home? .... hmmmmm. hmmmm...they are all here stuck with me inside this comfortable place where we all call it our 2nd home. Home sWeet Home, prolly all of us love the smell of Coffee.. and the bitterness it gives to our body.. making us feel even worst..

Sorry for bitchinng about myself. sigh.. its time to find the serenity in life.
-=- with horrible love from babytigger -=-

Lost in the world of life.

i am so tired of being who i am.. ! i am very tired! After so many hurdles i have gone thru all my life, yet i am still here stuck in between my dreams and reality. Stuck between the things that should be and should not be. Glued to negative things..negative air. I feel very lost in this life of mine. LOST!

so lost that i dont know what am i doing anymore. FEDup! Do u know its like i am always getting into troubles that i did not even wanted it to happen.. Shit happens. But i just try to get myself out of the box. But everytime i get my self from one box.. i 'll end up into another bigger box. seems endless. Why is life so HARD!, and we barely see the soft side of life??

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Paws on Books! Tail on sofa

Another day has just gone by..feels like time passes by a little too fast when we have a deadline. and when we dont have anything to do, time passes by REAL slow. ironic. I mean, its always been like that u know, cant understand why..

Been hopping around Starbucks in klang valley to brush up my knowledge into the upcoming examination that i would be undertaking next week. and it sucks! Just LAzy to study, but i'm being force by Angel Tigger... As for Devil tigger, he is asking me to sleep all day and just be FAT! ahha! Prolly i am intoxicated with Caffeine this week, coz of over doze of C - A - F -E!ka Fei!

00oo00oo00oo hoping that all will come back to me As soon as possible. And i mean it! i want it all back! i want! i want ! i want!! all of it !! Plus dividend!

Angel tigger keep his paws crosss and tail cross tight tight! pray pray! okies.back to studying! love u all! huggies!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Tuborg Brings you Josh Wine @ Poppy garden

The Fun starts here, Tuborg Brings you the Great spinner from United Kingdom, DJ Josh Wine @ poppy garden 16 October 2008. This is another great event created by Carlsberg Malaysia. Private invitations were given out to happening peoples..where they are given Free flow of Tuborg all night long...with great services by the Tuborg AMbassadors... wooot! and i love it ...coz we all boooze on with Tuborg till the sun rises up!! high!! FrEe!!

VEry great creation of stages...that makes the floor glow!) sexy!

There were special appearances by Hannah Tan... she is ever so beautiful... my oh my... really one beautiful female she is..stunning and sexy =) OOh...the deejay was really rocking..spinning the night away and all the ladies in the house was really shaking their assets all over!

ooh..there was this ang mo girl, she was shaking her this guy..probably flirting with him.. shaking her water ballooons!! from left to right and right to left. ping pong! ... =) got that lucky guy very happy! muahaha! so lucky!
Alright thats all .... for this post.. and sorry for the sucky camera actions...coz its a phone camera!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The house Bunny - illy cafe!

heya! heya! its another week around the year..this year seems to passed by very fast and furious... alot of up and down that happened to me this 10 months of 2008.. cant wait for it to be 2009! as its going to be a new year...maybe it would be more UPs for me.. gua..

Fluctuation is very frequent this 10 months... trying to mitigate this huge fluctuation..hmmmpie.. wondering how! Today visited Illy Caffe' for a nice 2 cups of Caffe' latte' shiok! very bitter and bold! just the right combination to make my day a better one. Coffee sure is a Happy pill to me. Cant stop consuming coffee ! YES I AM A COFFEE ADDICT! AND I AM A STARBUCKS FAN! daily just at least a cup of Caffe latte 4 shots, low fat and a shake of ice in a To-go Cup! just the perfect combination!bucks! bucks! always dreamt of having my own that i can have great coffee every day and every single time i want to indulge in it! wooop!

THE HOUSE BUNNY - very nice movie to watch, to make u laugh!! just the right laughther movie to take u away from ur working life for the 1hr45min..

ok..gtg.. cant wait for max Payne! i got my tickets di lo! muahahah!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Shake shake bang bang on head

i am sick...............................................................!

very super bad headache! its like there is a new happening club inside my brains! freaking bad shake shake happening now! and the panadol actifast is not working! no results yet..more than an hour already...and i slept on my table! coz its just too hard to bear with that sort of pain! BoonKers!

yes..i am still @ office. cant drive home..coz of the pain! dont want to end up selling duck eggs in Holland.. coz i;m too young!! tomorrow early morning i got training.. some Vector training. hmm the training sounds like i am a pilot that needs to learn the vector and etc. i just wish that i am leaving on a jet plane to a wonderful island and just sleep there.. miss my sabah and sarawak road trips! that was truely one rest and relax working!

ok time to take a nap again.. cant wait to drive home..and my phone got no battery!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

DJ 68 of Kuching - Monster Tongue

Come on ...Put ur hand up for DJ 68!

This DJ i met him in Kuching, sarawak- he joined us for the Mobile Honda Road Show 2008 recently, which covers both sabah and sarawak in various locations. He was our MC and DJ - together we have one one dream - The power of Dreams -

He spins very good tracks that would eventually make ur body shake shake!This guy is Sarawak;s top Dj as his skills are really good....scratching with style that makes tracks sounds alive! trust me, he can create Hip-Hop, House, Trance, Hyper, HardStyle, .Psychedelic.....and also good in making relaxing blend of music for those who want to relax as well. i mean u cant shake shake non stop every night can u ?? =)

Dj 68 spins @ its local pub @ kuching - Monster Tongue! i've visited that joint before last month and it was really comfortable and spins quality music...from hot picks to oldies all remix into a great blend.... its similar to Velvet- Mambo Jambo night and also a rich blend of Poppy Garden @ the monster tongue all thanks to DJ68 for his Choice of tracks Plus his spinning sensations!

DJ68 is really unique- he's talent has been in the market for a long time and he has spread his talent to numerous peeps! and now he is a Sifu in the local DJ society..

OOooOO did i mention, that his dee jay is also very good at stage magic? heard of David blain? ah.... this Dj is the local David Blain... - let me share a great experience of magic which he performed for me... he can empty a TIn of CoCa Cola, then Squash it ....and Ba Da Bing.... unsquash the Tin of COke and refill it with its cola! i mean, Thats Freaking Coool... more, he can tie his shoe laces by just shaking his shoes a few time!!w00T!

U guys can visit Dj 68 @

Do spend some time to the following website to download a taste of DJ 68 non stop House Remix for FREEE! go download then Burn it into a CD!! so u get to shake shake even when ur stuck in the traffic jam of Kuala Lumpur....on your way to clubs...or even on ur way to work! just make u want to move !! and have fun!! all day long!
This joint right here just makes u wanna SHAKE!!!shake!!

Anyone want to have a party? need a DJ? contact DJ68 to rock ur PArty! he's also a freelancer DJ up for hire!!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

when i go up - pussy cat dolls

When I grow up
I wanna be famous
I wanna be a star
I wanna be in movies

When I grow up
I wanna see the world
Drive nice cars
I wanna have Groupies

When I grow up
Be on TV
People know me
Be on magazines

When I grow up
Fresh and clean
Number one chick when I step out on the scene

-here's to something different- wishing DJ 68, a very happy birthday and when u grow up u will have all this coming your way bro.. and since now is ur Big Day, hoping that this all will be on its way to you @ sarawak , kuching... !-

Dj 68 is one heck of a cool dj that i have come to be friend with recently. He rocks when he Starts Spinning! Give him a decent scratching and audio set, he will spin ur night into an everlasting House + R n B night! shaking ur sexy body all over the place!
wooot woot!

happy birthday Dj 68!

Monday, October 06, 2008

its back...

its back to work time guys and girls.. had alot of fun this Raya holiday, spend alot of money too in this 5 days of holiday!sighness..! Tomorrow will be a very Blue day coz so use to sleeping late at night, waking up after lunch and all, tomorrow will be back to the normal routine which is wake up early and work till the early morning too! How unbalance working life is rite guys? Bought alot of Be@rbrick yesterday! ahah! madness! will intro all my bearbricks to u guys when i'm Free!

Bought a Red carpet from Ikea too to decorate my room! now my room feels more comfortable. Will be adding lots more items in my rooom pretty soon. Do u know how it feels to buy things for your self after working so hard to earn the salary? it feels GREAT! when u know u have accomplish something for yourself! its always been that way now, every month i would buy something for ME! to recognize my effort in working! u guys should try it out! coz u can really feel the excitement..

OOOh...want to Wish DJ 68 a very happy birthday as he will be a big man tomorrow 7th October 2008! Happy birthday and wishing u lots of money + Fame in ur Deejaying Skills Plus Magic tricks! woot! wooot! will post a special post about DJ 68 by this week special to his birthday! So do Stay tune on the magnificient top Dee Jay of Sarawak!

*in love with BearBrick*

Friday, October 03, 2008

Raya holiday for FREE - and nitrogen!!S

Its friday again! Friday!! =) and the best part of this friday is that my Firm gave us a holiday for FReE! its called a FIRM leave and my office is in a total lock down. Therefore, no one is allow to work in the office this weekend! they are being so generous coz they want us to rest enough to preserve our energy for the coming peak Period! so we have a stretch of 5 days of rest and relax away from WORK! i am delighted in this special holiday that my firm gives us. So Kind!

What do to on friday?

morning shall go and pump nitrogen to my CAR tyres! then head down to IKEA to purchase a small cupboard to put my collection of BEAR Brick! got 6cute bear bear.=)then head down to pavillion kl, if i have extra would love to purchase the White gucci tie that i saw 2 days ago! damn nice! so i can add to my collection of Gucci Tie! wooot! Towards the night, hopefully dont have to go club coz i am a lil tired and just want to relax!

OO... time to check on my share market! love u all! hugs!

Party time ! Velvet mambo jambo

YMCA! Saturday night Fever! No mountain too high!Woot woot!

Yesterday went to velvet and shake shake.. and it was so pack with people..i felt like i was in a can of sardine coz everybody is squash together!Mambo jambo night! loved the music alot coz it brings back the oldies Alive to all of us. There was really alot of clubbers that went Shake shake tooo! wow.. just so many friends there last night, felt like it was damn happening! drank Chivas and black label tooooo! alright time to zzzz with love from baby tigger