Monday, October 06, 2008

its back...

its back to work time guys and girls.. had alot of fun this Raya holiday, spend alot of money too in this 5 days of holiday!sighness..! Tomorrow will be a very Blue day coz so use to sleeping late at night, waking up after lunch and all, tomorrow will be back to the normal routine which is wake up early and work till the early morning too! How unbalance working life is rite guys? Bought alot of Be@rbrick yesterday! ahah! madness! will intro all my bearbricks to u guys when i'm Free!

Bought a Red carpet from Ikea too to decorate my room! now my room feels more comfortable. Will be adding lots more items in my rooom pretty soon. Do u know how it feels to buy things for your self after working so hard to earn the salary? it feels GREAT! when u know u have accomplish something for yourself! its always been that way now, every month i would buy something for ME! to recognize my effort in working! u guys should try it out! coz u can really feel the excitement..

OOOh...want to Wish DJ 68 a very happy birthday as he will be a big man tomorrow 7th October 2008! Happy birthday and wishing u lots of money + Fame in ur Deejaying Skills Plus Magic tricks! woot! wooot! will post a special post about DJ 68 by this week special to his birthday! So do Stay tune on the magnificient top Dee Jay of Sarawak!

*in love with BearBrick*

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