Friday, October 31, 2008

my 2 cents

Today had a very bad experience @ Michaelangelo Restaurant @ Pavillion KL! had my dinner over the restaurant. First i would like to complain about the Idiot Waitress.She Suck!and COCKY! very poor customer service she have!

At the beginning, i was waiting to be seated on any of the table. So i was like excause mE? excause me? hello?

then she came and attended me, and seated me right front of the restaurant. Then, i was asking, what pasta is good? serve with seafood.... Then she was saying that the maninara is good. So i said , ok get me one of the MAninara (i pronounce it a bit off tone)...pasta ok.. She WAs like..erm Its MANINARA!..

hmm..i guess she taught she was in an english class or something..sigh.. next, i ask so what else is nice.. do u serve ravioli ah?

Oh.. Yes Ah, we serve ravioli ah.. would u like it ah? (DAMn she was immitating me saying the AH word!) how rude!

Then after all the orders are done, and my mushroom soup came, i requested for Cracked peppper..

Her response was, " u use the pepper on the table " the crack pepper bottle is spoilt."

and i was, ha? spoilt? but i want crack pepper,

Sorry, there is no crack pepper. u can just use the normal pepper.

_soon after the manager came out and apologize becasue of his rude WAitress! and manage to somehow got me crack pepper. SO i question him about it, i taught she say it was SPOILT.. And he said , what u mean spoilt? its working fine....

-=- Had abit of a Q and A with the manager in charge and got all GRumpy over my dinner!-=-

THAT PLACE SUCKS! and its the worst ever service that place has given me. so many times i've been there, and there were no problem at all till today! and i tell u SERVICE SUCKS!

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princessladyjane said...

Its Marinara my dear... like i said... speak proper english with ppl when u r at proper place... anyways, yeah... she is freaking rude! U should have fucked her up side down... ahhahaa...

so any plans for halloween?? Hehehee...