Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bugs of lfie... @ StarBucks ... yet again..._

Its thursday again, yet anohter week has gone by. Week in and week out we all have our daily routine to work, study and sleep. Where has all the super entertainment gone? or am i the only idiot in this world to complain about my life?... i think everyone else is having a good, great, fun, and enjoyable life. My oh my, where's mine. i cant seem to find the work life balance..

Having my daily cup of starbucks yet again...feeding into my papers infornt of me. Bored! so i decided to blog just a lil bit to waste my time. Seeing alot of sad people face here @ starbucks. all sitting by them self sipping up their drinks, onlining and staring into the green walls of starbucks. It came to my senses that people who visit starbucks are problematic people. All just want to find peace, thats why they are here, or actually its me who wants to find peace.

ITs 7pm, and people are still coming in to starbucks after working hours, and having their daily dose of coffeee, instead of going home.. Why? WHY? dont they find peace @ home? .... hmmmmm. hmmmm...they are all here stuck with me inside this comfortable place where we all call it our 2nd home. Home sWeet Home, prolly all of us love the smell of Coffee.. and the bitterness it gives to our body.. making us feel even worst..

Sorry for bitchinng about myself. sigh.. its time to find the serenity in life.
-=- with horrible love from babytigger -=-

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