Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Paws on Books! Tail on sofa

Another day has just gone by..feels like time passes by a little too fast when we have a deadline. and when we dont have anything to do, time passes by REAL slow. ironic. I mean, its always been like that u know, cant understand why..

Been hopping around Starbucks in klang valley to brush up my knowledge into the upcoming examination that i would be undertaking next week. and it sucks! Just LAzy to study, but i'm being force by Angel Tigger... As for Devil tigger, he is asking me to sleep all day and just be FAT! ahha! Prolly i am intoxicated with Caffeine this week, coz of over doze of C - A - F -E!ka Fei!

00oo00oo00oo hoping that all will come back to me As soon as possible. And i mean it! i want it all back! i want! i want ! i want!! all of it !! Plus dividend!

Angel tigger keep his paws crosss and tail cross tight tight! pray pray! okies.back to studying! love u all! huggies!

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