Thursday, October 09, 2008

DJ 68 of Kuching - Monster Tongue

Come on ...Put ur hand up for DJ 68!

This DJ i met him in Kuching, sarawak- he joined us for the Mobile Honda Road Show 2008 recently, which covers both sabah and sarawak in various locations. He was our MC and DJ - together we have one one dream - The power of Dreams -

He spins very good tracks that would eventually make ur body shake shake!This guy is Sarawak;s top Dj as his skills are really good....scratching with style that makes tracks sounds alive! trust me, he can create Hip-Hop, House, Trance, Hyper, HardStyle, .Psychedelic.....and also good in making relaxing blend of music for those who want to relax as well. i mean u cant shake shake non stop every night can u ?? =)

Dj 68 spins @ its local pub @ kuching - Monster Tongue! i've visited that joint before last month and it was really comfortable and spins quality music...from hot picks to oldies all remix into a great blend.... its similar to Velvet- Mambo Jambo night and also a rich blend of Poppy Garden @ the monster tongue all thanks to DJ68 for his Choice of tracks Plus his spinning sensations!

DJ68 is really unique- he's talent has been in the market for a long time and he has spread his talent to numerous peeps! and now he is a Sifu in the local DJ society..

OOooOO did i mention, that his dee jay is also very good at stage magic? heard of David blain? ah.... this Dj is the local David Blain... - let me share a great experience of magic which he performed for me... he can empty a TIn of CoCa Cola, then Squash it ....and Ba Da Bing.... unsquash the Tin of COke and refill it with its cola! i mean, Thats Freaking Coool... more, he can tie his shoe laces by just shaking his shoes a few time!!w00T!

U guys can visit Dj 68 @

Do spend some time to the following website to download a taste of DJ 68 non stop House Remix for FREEE! go download then Burn it into a CD!! so u get to shake shake even when ur stuck in the traffic jam of Kuala Lumpur....on your way to clubs...or even on ur way to work! just make u want to move !! and have fun!! all day long!
This joint right here just makes u wanna SHAKE!!!shake!!

Anyone want to have a party? need a DJ? contact DJ68 to rock ur PArty! he's also a freelancer DJ up for hire!!

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daisy said...

hi,,happen to open ur blog..enjoy read your blog..but i think u shud go meet all dj in kuching...i think there is another one,...hihiii,,,