Thursday, November 29, 2007

.......ding dong.....

………the day started like every other day. Waking up was the hardest part, coffee and bread for breakfast. Then off to the shower room. Fixing up my attire and grooming myself and it’s the same time of the day to drive to work. Beep ! beep ! bong bong!. The traffic jam is another nuisance once again. After driving about 53mins, I have finally arrived at my client’s office/warehouse. The warehouse isn’t big nor is it nice. Its just a 3 storey building that inhibits about 40 staffs.

So the “work like hell” is about to begin…… checking this, controlling that, documenting all the necessary items, taking a time off every other hour. After the puffing session, I feel rejuvenated once again. Minutes passed by me very slow, hours even longer, and when the clock strikes 12.30pm, its Luncheon time. Drove my automobile out to the neighboring restaurants, and ordered a bowl of noodles just to fill my almost empty stomach. Lunch was bad today, as the noodle was tasteless and best of all it was almost like a vegetarian noodle. This is because there weren’t any meat in it, or u can say there were only a few little pieces of pork in it.

Off to the warehouse again, driving by the empty streets of an industrial area is the only route back to my clients place and its time to start working once more. This time the hours passed by even slower than before lunch. Wishing that the time would tick faster, as I am so sick of working. Everyday I have to make sure I finish all the assignments that were assigned to me and it makes me feel so sad when I have to work and do more than the others. The other colleagues seems to be very busy with their work and all, but I am doing way more assignments then them. One reason is because I like to finish up my work a.s.a.p so that I can have more free time for myself and get away from the desk, but every time I do that, I am being assigned to more “OPJ” ( other people’s Job). As they are saying that they have a lot of work and lack of time. Since I have finish my own assignments, my peers would request for my assistances. This is really unfair as we are all given the similar assignment and how on Earth is it possible that I am a new staff, but completes assignments quicker than the old bags? Which have more experience than me?

*&^#$%@#%&^ - screwing and cursing in my mind, I am reluctant to assist them as they always gets to do less work and gains the same wages as me. But when u are new in this firm, I guess u get bullied by others whom had work a lil longer than u have.. well its life lets face it.

Being an auditor was a dream of mine years ago, always fancying that it would be so Glamorous and Professional to be in a firm like mine and best of all being an AUDITOR. My guess is all those fresh graduates are also thinking like what I once taught about. Well to my understanding even those currently studying their Degree are so excited to be an auditor once they Grad.

Let me give my 2 cents on this topic of Auditing…

YeS… Auditing is a very highly rated profession that a lot of people want to be a part of it. After u have work in an Audit firm or lets say the Big might 4 auditing Firms. U come to realize that u have overworked and underpaid by your employers. Many of us would envy our friends who are working in the banking, property, marketing, advertising, and events companies are working LESS and reaping the same wages as US.

Many and I mean A lot of the auditors would be cursing their mouth off to this ridiculous job that we have and also thinking of “”QESDL” cure. (Quitting Every Single Day of Our life) . One of the major reasons for the QESDL is because we always have to work the long hours, often to the wee morning , back to work after just a few hours of sleep, Low salary, weekend taken up by work, friends leaving us behind, girlfriends/boyfriends being annoyed with our job as they have less time to spend with us, clubbing lifestyles are going to be a part of our history, and we would even forget the meaning of “HAPPINESS”

The only thing that keeps Auditors in an audit firm is because of the value we will hope to bring in the future when we enter the commercial world of organizations. But how far can this be true? Maybe its to a lot of auditors, but there are a few among us that aren’t able to achieve such dreams that we used to think about after working 3-4 years with the Big 4.

Well, all I can portray now is that I am under a lot of stress, sleeping disorder, fatigue, pressure, mood swings like a yoyo, smoking lotzz, zero fun & happiness, and feeling very upset all the time.

Don’t really know how to handle this part of my life, as I am so not crafted to be an auditor, because I am a person who loves fun, out going activities and best of all enjoyment in life. I used to work in an Event company…and I have all the things I wanted in a job, let alone I am being paid the same wages and get to control the things around me at my command. The reason I went into the Auditing line is because I want to achieve a professional status in the future and reap more wages to provide for my “ future wife, kids, and parents.” I like to think long term and plans out the ways to achieve it. Sadly, I have so much opportunity cost being an auditor.

A lot of times I break down and just wanted to forgo what I call an ideal lifestyle in the future, but I cant do it because I want to be able to provide for my future family and my future wife. By that I mean , I don’t want to make it hard for me and partner to enjoy life when we are married. I want to give my wife the best thing in life, my kids the best education – toys- food- apparels- automobile and also happiness without worrying if their father or husband cant provide it or if provided it would mean loosing a leg.

I guess I have those old man thinking in me, which is to make the family a happy, fruitful and less stress when it comes to financial standards. I don’t want them to be in financial problems at any point of time. I really wish I can do that, then a sense of achievement will be felt.

Hope this Auditing line really constructs the road of my life, and make me feel that I have chosen the right way and also make all those suffering that I am and going to be under in the next few years pay!.

Ahhh!! It only 4.30pm.. when only can I leave this hell world and get back to my red sofa @ home..
..well guess that’s all ..for this time..

A message to all those Auditors out there,

The job is hard, the road is harder. Learn thru this suffering and hope that it will make a difference in the coming future.

Think about this, I may take a step back, but I will take a giant leap in the future.

This is my motivation in life. I stand by this as it makes me stronger every time when I am down and sad.

Try it..try to love and understand the meaning of this word to make the full advantage out of it.

What we do today, echoes in eternity

is another Phrase I keep close to me, in attempting my daily obstacles.

----- this is the end of the day.. … rest more and try to find ways to make ur self happier..and please when u have done it, don’t hesitate to teach me how to be happy once more.

Till next time… take Care, be healthy and try to be happy… as I am hoping to be happy soon..but I just cant think of any methods to make me happy…and not so sick of my life. …….

Please inform me if u guys know of any methods.


How come people nowadays are such a pain in the Arse>? Let me reason out what happened today, and u may judge it by yourself.

Been given a task to complete and needs me to complete it by today. Fine.. I accept it.
Being ask to accomplish a new tasks that I have never had any experience, further more its suppose to be done by another asshole, but SHE says that this one is tougher, I want u to learn how to do it.. Being all nice and hoping I learn. – later did I know she was just finding reasons to screw me up!.

When I done part 1 and 2. and now part 3 – which is the hardest. I finally got stuck in attempting this task. So I decided to ask for her assistant. Little do I know, she was scolding, facial expression as if she was talking to some dumb fuck, idiot junior of hers. Using those Bitch tone to converse with me.

Well..well.. let me ask u guys a question, before u went to school, do u know how to read ? do u know how to write? Of course not!. U need to be spoon feed to all those knowledge that we can acquire from schools/ pre school rite?

Just because she has work here 1 year longer than I am, she is acting all bossy, and being pain in the whole ARSE.. she doesn’t want to teach me in doing this. How can a person do something that he/she has no experience in? Even when u are so willingly open to learn, ur dumb senior is getting pissed coz ur so stupid.

Let me say a scenario, can u ask a engineering Graduate to fix the Car when he only learn all the theory and u guys know that when we start working we aren’t really applying what we learned in Grad school rite? Can he succeed?
Yes he can only if u taught him/ her how to do it for the first time rite?

I mean if u have taught ur junior, then if he still doesn’t understand , well fine,, go and get seniority and screw him.. but when the fact remains that u have not teach nor assisted him, how in the world is he going to handle those situation.


Besides that, she has been using her office hours @ the clients place to apply for credit cards, talking to her boyfriend, calls the whole world, - this are all done so that we do more things than her and she is freely on the phone. And when the whole assignment is completed, she will get all the credits coz she is one ASSS that would alter all the assignments to her name , instead of urs, a

She and her ever Boyfriend –which she thinks so highly of him… Let me inform u Bitch.. ur Boyfriend have another girl friend or may I say ur just another girl who would open ur legs wide to get F?UCJK! and ur acting all classy coz ur boy have is loaded.. come on ! he is , ur not. So don’t come and act all rich and arrogant..alrite!

She is one girl that u all should learn from, because she loves to ACT!. When I mean act, is when she looks very busy doing hell a lot of things at times, but its always u will inform her that u have completed this section and BANG! Here u go.. why don’t u do this one as well…………….. SLACKER!>>

She sits just opposite me and I can see her Slut, bitch , ass face all day round the office hours @ my clients place. Damn I just want to slam her in the toilet bowl.!

Oooo.. have I mention, she thinks she is very charming and all guys are interested to her????haha.. well girl, nowadays guys are not dumb ! they wont give u what u want, unless u give them! So don’t think u can control them .

Ooooh.. by the way , she is one cheap whore too… or u can say begger… she forces people to buy her lunches, rides, drinks and also compliment her!. HahA!! Come on u don’t have the quality and please do remember, why guys buy u lunch, the only reason is because u being such a jerk, don’t want to take ur ur money and always being all busy and all when the bill comes…or would directly ask u to pay…saying…” can t u afford to buy a girl lunch??” sigh… my my…such a cheap whore.!..

Well I am lucky she don’t know who I am.. coz if she does, she wont be doing all this nonsense, my best friend told me recently, that now adays there are a lot of those cheap sluts…and he said that we should act cheap too..and not to reveal our true self.. well that’s what I’m doing now.. and by the way ..she thinks I am some low life, cashless, stupid guy…that she can take all the advantages she wants.! Well, try harder GIRL. U aren’t in the category to demand and we as guys are just being gentlemen in paying for ur lunch and all.. ! so please don’t be so Cheap!

Haha.. as I am writing this, she is once again on the stupid phone..

Well…bitch.. please play by the rules, Else, u would not be forgiven and harmful nature would affect u for life!.

That’s al I I have to say about this biiiiitch! Ehhe.

Good life – everyone!
And Curse u to hell Birtch!



Saturday, November 17, 2007

Friday Blues!


arigato go zaimas...


how is the peeps doing!! its the friday night that most people who works DREAM of.!.
Cos its the weekend that is here to rock our world in the party world and the world of soccerS...!!

tonight clus that were pack with Party animals are = Zouk out.. POppY.. Maison..and tomorrow will be the Ruums..event of the month..

Last month was the ReCharGe ReVelAtion..and it was GREAT - minue- the Awwwwwful Grounds/puddle of muds..

As for the weather - its clear skies all over Malaysia..and the heat of night life has just been turn on... with the additions of Extreme Cool music flowing all around the beautiful ears of humankind.

Today HAd starbucks as usual.. and the same old ICED LEMON SHAKEN TAZOOOOOOOOOO...and i am another step closer in gaining the organiser free gift from STarBucks!.

if anyone wants the free girt..please do remember to redeem 17 stickers=- one for each drink.. and accumulate 17 of them..for the fREee Diary/Organiser.. and wooodenly cool.

ok..its time off now!

and i need to make my blog a more interesting one..soon.... when i have the heart and energy to do it.. !







As for the punters tonight.. = England! -0.5 = max = max! england friendly..

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday nights

boring saturday...

its been such a long 2 weeks.. that i have to work work work work work work ...

and finally the 1st weekend to spend relaxing comes to a very boring day.Cant think of anything to do. BORED.. and even more borD*ER.

havent been doing much today.. only spend some quiet time reading..some business books.. hoping it will add some knowledge for me.! ehhe..

currently @ starbucks again.. having my FAV = tazo iced lemond shaken Zen tea!..

and doing my usual soccer analysis..

thats all for today!
see u soon