Monday, April 28, 2008

judgement day

Havent been blogging for sometime already..due to the lack of time on the cyberspace!
This is mainly due to the upcoming examination that i am going attempt this thursday ..1st of May 2008. And Yes..its a FREAKING LAbour DAy! and there is still exam on that Freaking Day.! sigh .. its like the only holiday in the month of MAy..and Yet i cant enjoy that holiday entirely! How Crappy is that!

Well...judgement day is so close..only 2 more days to prepare for this examination and the cost of this paper is 3.2K! sigh.. coz its the first paper thats why have to include those shitty regisration fees and membership fees and stuffs!...

I cant afford to fail this.. its important. and i am so shaky now..

Time just flies when ur studying.. i mean its like so fast a day passes by and you always feel sleepy and tired and all.

I need that energy boost to overcome this Freak PAper!

Have so many things i wanna blog about..well i guess it can wait till my exam is over! then i'll actively blog again.its really fun to blog..and its really interesting!

Haven eaten anything the whole day except for a pack of Fried Bananas a.k.a Goreng Pisang/Pisang Goreng! so Yummy and a cup of Caffe LAtte from Starbucks. (FAV Drink @ the Bucks!)

Back to mind fucking the books now! tata.. i hope can get orgasm with the Books later! muahahah! i'm gonna rape u ...(sounds so crazy , evil and diguesting)


Thursday, April 17, 2008

lil tigger is ill.

We are gathered here today for a reason…and the reason is to express our daily encounters on the internet.

We are merely portraying a layer of our life to people that we don’t know.

Life = dream + work

Work = suffering X stress

De stress = Happiness = love x care

Care = time x feelings

Auditor = no life + (stress X pressure X headache)

Just finished lunched…. Had the worst Spagettiee in my life!
A friendly reminder >> Don’t eat Spagettieee @ Strawberry Fields

Spagettie > comes with minced beef, corns, peas, carrots, spring onions
And the taste is so weird!... Plus they use a very thin spagettie to cook it…. Sigh.. and the best part is = the noodles are broken into pieces!

Had a Choco Milkshake – which also uses low quality ice cream and its tasteless! Wooo haa!

What a wonderful luncheon experience @ strawberry fields.

00oo00oo00oo00oo I want to go on a cruise! To calm things down…to rest and relax.. ! a lil R & R …

* tigger is a lil ill*


Monday, April 14, 2008

this is bad....

oooops..i took this pic from stickgirl blog..! hope u dont i really like your master pieces! very nice.. Truely admire your work!

i guess its not going to be too long before i get that kinda teeth! my intakes has increase dramatically recently! just cant stop it.. it just keeps increasing! its ScARY!!!!!!!

too many things, too little time

*back to studying*

*I like*

Thursday, April 10, 2008

time is running out....

2 weeks more and i will be having my exam..! thats just great, because i still have eight and half chapters left to study. Time seems to be moving so fast..and half the days i feel so tired and kinda sick sick abit this month *.sigh.*

todays update..- working with LYL Land, a developer company. So today i went for a site visit for this developer @ cheras. The journey from subang is pretty far and roads were not so smooth when we reach Cheras...road gets bumpier, more manuvers like snakes, and it was raining heavily , on top of that it was kinda Bumper to Bumper ride.

I almost puked when i reach the Site.! well, i never really knew that properties in Cheras is so expensive..alwis taught it was cheap, but it isnt. We toured the new bungalows, Shoplots, Supermarket, and a going to be petrol station & shopping complex land. Took some pictures here and there to put it in my site visit report.........

AFter that, we headed to Tai Thong Restaurant for some Dim sum @ 2Pm..Food was really yummy and tasty! eventhought it was nice, i cant really feast that much in my tummy, if u remembered i felt like puking....earlier.

Then we headed back to our clients place located @ taipan.. and we are back to work!


Tuesday, April 08, 2008


good morning.. its 12.38am, a brand new day has just started bout 38minutes. Guess what? i haven bathe yet since morning. Kinda feel dirty and sticky! EEEEEe€€€€€w..

its not that i am too lazy to bathe, but it is significantly due to ---> me havent gone home yet! and Yes , your rite... i am still @ work. Feeling hungry too, coz i havent really eaten anything yet for dinner except for a kaya pau when i was driving back to office and a bottle of refreshing Coca Cola.

a lil update, work sucks coz there is too much work (ooi auditing 2 companies okay!) and deadline is coming, havent really started studying for my exams >>>>>>1st may is Exam Day _ Dooms Day! so little time, so many work.

life is so restless and boring, when it comes to working. I never ever complained if i party all night, doing events all day, watching movies, sleeping, driving or anything ..Heck! i can do that all day and night for 3 days non stop, yet i still wont get bored.

I feel that my job is not entertaining at all, no challange, and its a FREAK career. Feels like i am getting much older as the days goes by...feels so tired, stress, preassure and also freaking losing my fun life with this career of mine.

alrite..enough of my boring life... its back to my Sadder life...= Work..


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

a lil update ....

Today is peak period second peak in the span of 4 months..hopefully it wont be as bad as the previous engagement.."finger Crozsz"

Snips would be my upcoming event..there is this deal i am trying to close by the end of next week and we shall see what happens after that..if i can close dream car is coming closer...if i cant? then too bad.. need to hope on my other luck to get me back on track..

tha past few weeks has been pretty bad...the long stretch of bad aura has been sticking around me like a glue! and i mean it.. the last time i had such bad luck was last year around June till July.. it was bad that time.. hoping that this time it has gone away.....this is a brand new week,really hoping my Good luck has come back by my side. "Finger Crozsz" as well..

Really need all the luck i can accumulate now.... have u had the feeling like its now or Never? well i'm in that same situation now. PLEASE come back..! i need you!

anyone has any idea on how to get your luck back? ...pls do inform me and guide me pass this evil month of MARCH!..

-moood : Great!
Luck : hopefully its coming back
Work : LOTS!

alright..back to work! now! hugs!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


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