Thursday, April 17, 2008

lil tigger is ill.

We are gathered here today for a reason…and the reason is to express our daily encounters on the internet.

We are merely portraying a layer of our life to people that we don’t know.

Life = dream + work

Work = suffering X stress

De stress = Happiness = love x care

Care = time x feelings

Auditor = no life + (stress X pressure X headache)

Just finished lunched…. Had the worst Spagettiee in my life!
A friendly reminder >> Don’t eat Spagettieee @ Strawberry Fields

Spagettie > comes with minced beef, corns, peas, carrots, spring onions
And the taste is so weird!... Plus they use a very thin spagettie to cook it…. Sigh.. and the best part is = the noodles are broken into pieces!

Had a Choco Milkshake – which also uses low quality ice cream and its tasteless! Wooo haa!

What a wonderful luncheon experience @ strawberry fields.

00oo00oo00oo00oo I want to go on a cruise! To calm things down…to rest and relax.. ! a lil R & R …

* tigger is a lil ill*


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