Tuesday, January 26, 2010


BOOOOOOH!!! hahaha!

Monday, January 18, 2010

hidden and black


there are many people among us are hiding their black faces! they use it when they find you useless... and they use it to gain more advantages!

so to them


helping hands

have u ever been there to assist, help , lend a helping hand to others>?

now i'm going to tell u something about helping>

whether u like it or not, helping people is a great thing to do. but when things happen not to the point, people that u helped will turn back and bite YOU! yes. its true.

example, lending ur friend some money....later on the person doesnt pay u back, then it damages ur pocket and also ur friendship.

now if u helped, and the person took the money and do idoitic stuffs that got them ito trouble, the blame u ! see why u lend me the money! if not i would not have got my self in this shit!

now if u DID not CHOOSE TO HELP. then, your friend will stop relationship with you and even gossip things about how bastard u are! and so on!

example 2. when u introduce people to help each other, a trade. S needs help and asked ur help. u cant help... then u ask R to help. now this makes them overly excited...then in between something happen, GREED, and lies comes into play.. the ship sinkED! and now R and S blames You for it! saying why in the world u introduce them together..and ur liar..ur took this u took that... but in between, its the problem both parties has..and has got nothing doing with YOU!

so now they are trying to damage each other and burns the heck out of YOU..

see... even if those shit did not happen, at the end they would only say thank you. and forget about u in a week';s time! right?


Friday, January 15, 2010


still awake @ 4.50am.. still looking for a path to move on.

i want to create a new path! please give me the poweR!


just empty! brain is empty, life is empty, and the reason for sleepless nights is empty taughts that makes up to nothing !

its like the brain is just so white!! cant even dream of anythinG! shishh!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


hey peeps, away for sometime and now i'm back.

its 3.55am and i cant sleep, so whats in my mind? the answer is = future.

cant seem to get anywhere near the future and nothing seems right at the moment, everything is just variables and not one thing is secureD. damn hard to make a living and a great life. probably its just that i'm useless! everybody around me are successful and great and larger than life. but the road for me never seems clear!

never seems easy nor bright! all foggy goooy... can anyone give me a torch light: to brighten the road a lil bit.

others are enjoying their life, others are growing, others are movinG! whats wrong with me>? trying to move, there's always a huge rock tying to my back to hold me down!! i need a life! i need a career!

doodles! Give me just one Enlightment! and that would be sufficient! i mean it! i need it! pls give me strenght and power! SHOW ME TO WAY. show me the path to a better life.

baby tt is not going to give up!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Bread... i love bread and butter! non toast!

i love to eat this when i am in hotels !! or restaurants!

thanks sheraton hotel Vietnam- the bread is lovely

Friday, January 01, 2010

vietnam post 2


Hanoi - vietnam 2009-2010 new year

wooo! spending my time here in hanoi~! lovely.. the weather here is so cold! 12-16celcious! and i'm loving it!

smoking during the wee hours of the morning here is excellent! with shorts and slippers ! ...5 star smoking session!

currently @ the lobby , having a cuppa orange juice! mueackies!

vietnam post! 1

....vietnam is really a beautiful country. on the skies of vietnam on vietnam airlines, u can see the vast variety of houses that
vietnamese stays, and the roads are really small. At rush hour, u can see that roads are even worst massive jams than kuala lumpur.
they are packed with motorcycles and bicycles!!!! and HUMAN BEANS TOOOO! woooh!

Pretty impressive on the outlook of viet. Havent seen the city yet as i am still in transit waiting for my plane to fly, next
destination....HANOI. the holiday state of vietnam.

Do i look like a viet to you?? fish... duck!! everyone here talks to me in vietnamese language!! hey come on, i dont even
understand one word! dong ! just astonish on how VIET i actually look!