Thursday, January 14, 2010


hey peeps, away for sometime and now i'm back.

its 3.55am and i cant sleep, so whats in my mind? the answer is = future.

cant seem to get anywhere near the future and nothing seems right at the moment, everything is just variables and not one thing is secureD. damn hard to make a living and a great life. probably its just that i'm useless! everybody around me are successful and great and larger than life. but the road for me never seems clear!

never seems easy nor bright! all foggy goooy... can anyone give me a torch light: to brighten the road a lil bit.

others are enjoying their life, others are growing, others are movinG! whats wrong with me>? trying to move, there's always a huge rock tying to my back to hold me down!! i need a life! i need a career!

doodles! Give me just one Enlightment! and that would be sufficient! i mean it! i need it! pls give me strenght and power! SHOW ME TO WAY. show me the path to a better life.

baby tt is not going to give up!

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CuterThanYourBum said...

I can relate to that but it doesn't mean you don't enjoy life even when it's stagnant. Make the best of each situation, I suppose.