Saturday, May 22, 2010

time is money

when is it the see the result?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy People!

People around me are always constantly HAPPY! *happy people*

why are everyone so happy?? Whats the secret behind it? CAN some body please TEACH ME!

i just dont understand, whats going on with me.. constant insomnia nowadays... unable to sleep! i feel like a night owl... or BATMAN returns... i can only sleep in the morning, and hunt during the night. i want back the normal sleep! i cant sleep till 6-7 in the morning.. doing nuts at home...lazying around on the bed, but the sleeping spell doesnt seem to work.

i need help.


coz this is making me very useless as a human BEAN. yes bean!..

i wanna sleep.. i wanna wake up..have lunches and enjoy a great day.. not just the night part!


i miss my life! i want back my life!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

time and movement

so many minutes pass by us every hour. are we doing the best out of it?

looking into the empty streets of subang jaya daily now...around 3-5am. just feels calm to enjoy the empty streets and the quite scenarios.

life seems much more simplier and charming.

even when the current situation is very sour, i am just trying to make it a better one.. less sour by adding some icing and sugaries to it!

may not help and change alot, but it does help in it;s ways. just to chill down.

many movements are being made now, to see a bigger better movement,..

just impatient to know the future outcome of my career lif3!


Saturday, May 08, 2010

1 2 3

Action plans required!

Solving problems needED!

Thursday, May 06, 2010


life is all about gambling... the risk and rewards are sweet if we win it..but sours till death when we lose it.

nothing in our lifes is 100% confirm ! we need to fight and achieve it ourself. we need to suffer for every wrong decisions and suffer for every idiotic mistakes!

lets gamble the last time to win the war!

lets go!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010



Of course! nobody but you can change the future of your own path! nobody but YOU!


well being all cranky and crazy, the word YOU means alot! coz u and i and we are suppose to do the best in our limited time in our life to change the way we are leading today.

we all want to change the future or even tomorrow's well being right?

So how do we actually go about the changes?

the answer is simple - NOBODY BUT YOU! well said.

so we are the only freaking idoits that can make the sense out of tomorrow by working harder and thinking harder..

the path to a better life contains - hard , struggles, stress, shits! and obstacles!

yeah ...thats right. never one thing is easy in life, and there is no FREE lunch in this society!wooohas!

was actually smoking in the my own garden just now, looking at the younger days when i was in college and university... wooo.. those we really GREAT DAYs! REALLY! REALLY GREAT DAYS!!!

EVERYDAY was like a joyous day and things just happen to be FUN!.... now that those days are over, its pretty much = how much money we can gain ! right?

everything evolves with money! everything!!

so ... about that part.. nowadays money comes goes out.. the retaining power of the cashflow is really quite difficult! and its like having a strainer to strain water (money) it just seems to go right thru!

wash in wash out! GIGO! garbage in , garbage out! woootS!

need to change my strainers to a plastic bag, at least it keeps it in tact till it evaporates! well it take a little longer time to evaS!!

so promise myself, that i have to change the own wrong doings, and i am the one who is responsible to make a better life.. so life i am coming into the direction of a plastic baG! i wanna keep ! i wanna save!

for a brighter tomorrow.

muackies to u and me!

Nobody Nobody But You

thats the KEY!

For tomorrow..

wished upon the stars...and moon for a better tomorrow.

better or not we will not know, till tomorrow comes, coz its just so blurry! i am in a very very weird situation, as i am facing insomnia and mood swinGS!

one that causes me to be even weaker by the hours... tick tock tick tock..

i just wish things could be much better..and turns out a brighter path for me to run by.

i wish i can do it!

wish for everything to be alright!

my love...

Monday, May 03, 2010

Running a business!101!

Hsving a business at this age is COOL! and running it is even more fun! as we are the boss ! wooo!

the negative part about running a business is the cashflows! CASHFLOWS!

there are often time where its more negative than positive...coz of the flow is inconsistence and it really SUCKS big time!

plus, we cannot spend the money we earn in the business... why?? u may ASK!

the answer is simple, we dont know when is good times and bad times, coz we are not A BIG COMPANY THAT HAS MILLIONAIRS SHAREHOLDERS..we are sole idiots that runs the busienss.

so when times are bad, we need to COVER...when times are good we need to KEEP!

See.. coz rainy days comes very often, and sunny days doesnt come all days long!

Business in any kind, still faces the same problems, we dont know if tomorrow is going to be a good sales day or a fuck up day...

so the cycle comes and moves against the hours of our business.

So now u understand why running a business is really SICK! COZ there are always the cashflow problems!!!

Boo hooo!




could not care about the way i feel anymore, or the things i want anymore.. coz it just seems so hard to achieve it. and there are always obstacles cornering my ROAD!

i mean, i am really trying very hard to achieve the things i am doing, but the setback is always there, waiting for me..

Running a business in this Zone of time, is tough.. maybe coz i am still young and lack the financial backing that i need for my ownlife.

so many things in life for me today has been limited. TRUST ME. limited!

back 1 year ago, i was living the life of any teen and doing the things that we classified as COOL!..but now, i really cant say i do those things anymore, due to financial constraints, and too freaking many commitments in my daily routine!

everything i do today, would reck the days after.

I cannot afford myself to go enjoy anymore, and only capturing myself to be more financial prudent. aihks!

i rather spend the money for my loves... then spending it on me, coz i feel its really not worth it doing it for me self! yeah ME SELF! coz i could use it for my commitments in life.

today for example, i spend my parents for a body massage, but i lied to them that they have to start the massage first, as i will do a leg massage.

soon after they went in, i left the shop! and chiill at home till the massage times up! and went to pick them back....!

they were shick to notice that i dint not enjoy the massage and they did! Coz i truely believe in one thing, as long as they are happy i am happy too!

u get it?

coz my self, dont need to be place for the enjoyment part as yet, as i am trying to make my saving back to where it was back then! as now it has fallen! and trying to rebuild my savings!\

thats about me...