Tuesday, May 04, 2010



Of course! nobody but you can change the future of your own path! nobody but YOU!


well being all cranky and crazy, the word YOU means alot! coz u and i and we are suppose to do the best in our limited time in our life to change the way we are leading today.

we all want to change the future or even tomorrow's well being right?

So how do we actually go about the changes?

the answer is simple - NOBODY BUT YOU! well said.

so we are the only freaking idoits that can make the sense out of tomorrow by working harder and thinking harder..

the path to a better life contains - hard , struggles, stress, shits! and obstacles!

yeah ...thats right. never one thing is easy in life, and there is no FREE lunch in this society!wooohas!

was actually smoking in the my own garden just now, looking at the younger days when i was in college and university... wooo.. those we really GREAT DAYs! REALLY! REALLY GREAT DAYS!!!

EVERYDAY was like a joyous day and things just happen to be FUN!.... now that those days are over, its pretty much = how much money we can gain ! right?

everything evolves with money! everything!!

so ... about that part.. nowadays money comes in...money goes out.. the retaining power of the cashflow is really quite difficult! and its like having a strainer to strain water (money) it just seems to go right thru!

wash in wash out! GIGO! garbage in , garbage out! woootS!

need to change my strainers to a plastic bag, at least it keeps it in tact till it evaporates! well it take a little longer time to evaS!!

so promise myself, that i have to change the own wrong doings, and i am the one who is responsible to make a better life.. so life i am coming into the direction of a plastic baG! i wanna keep ! i wanna save!

for a brighter tomorrow.

muackies to u and me!

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