Monday, May 03, 2010

Boo hooo!




could not care about the way i feel anymore, or the things i want anymore.. coz it just seems so hard to achieve it. and there are always obstacles cornering my ROAD!

i mean, i am really trying very hard to achieve the things i am doing, but the setback is always there, waiting for me..

Running a business in this Zone of time, is tough.. maybe coz i am still young and lack the financial backing that i need for my ownlife.

so many things in life for me today has been limited. TRUST ME. limited!

back 1 year ago, i was living the life of any teen and doing the things that we classified as COOL!..but now, i really cant say i do those things anymore, due to financial constraints, and too freaking many commitments in my daily routine!

everything i do today, would reck the days after.

I cannot afford myself to go enjoy anymore, and only capturing myself to be more financial prudent. aihks!

i rather spend the money for my loves... then spending it on me, coz i feel its really not worth it doing it for me self! yeah ME SELF! coz i could use it for my commitments in life.

today for example, i spend my parents for a body massage, but i lied to them that they have to start the massage first, as i will do a leg massage.

soon after they went in, i left the shop! and chiill at home till the massage times up! and went to pick them back....!

they were shick to notice that i dint not enjoy the massage and they did! Coz i truely believe in one thing, as long as they are happy i am happy too!

u get it?

coz my self, dont need to be place for the enjoyment part as yet, as i am trying to make my saving back to where it was back then! as now it has fallen! and trying to rebuild my savings!\

thats about me...

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