Thursday, April 29, 2010

there are so many chanGES!

life has been changing very much this past 5 months.! and its getting pretty scarry! after so many things happened!

i mean, when there are no changes in life we complainT! and when there is changes in life I am complaining!!! sish!

how come things are not showing the positive effect now? i DONT know.

how come there are so many FREAK things to handle .. one after another.. i always wonder, am i the only one that is having so much problems that needs to much effort to solve and most of the time, it cant be solVE!

i am the only one??

DO U GUYS AND GIRLS have problems that cant seem to be solvE?

and do they just keep piling up ur WALLS??

my god! things are just happening for the sake of happening! when is my lucky break coming????

to me i am going to be very happy if i can just solve some of the hard probs in life..

oooh.. and my wishlist that is still havent been completed! sucks!

here is a few wishlist...

a new phone..
a new gaming console..
a new watch..
a new manager...

not very hard to achieve the wishlist, but its DUE TO all the probS i am getting, thats why i have failed to complete even one of the wishlist! FML! fuck my

man oh man... i just want a simple life, but simple does not exist in my dictionary.

damn it!

sEE! simple things also cannot solve, what more about the probS!



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