Thursday, May 29, 2008

Round the corner

Birthday is coming…..nothing special this year. Not going to celebrate. Maybe its just that I’m too old for parties or I have lost the meaning of burfdays this year!.

Don’t even know what to do …on my birthday!

Some say go celebrate @ club.

Some say go dinner

Some say go karaoke

Some say go shake shake

Some say go road trip…

But I don’t know what I want to do… nothing fun to do also.. all the things mention above are like what we as humans normally do it …once in a few months then again nothing special to be done.

Besides, there are a lot of work to do…still a lot….taught its off peak, but there are still companies which has a year end of MARCH, APRIL, JUNE! Idiots!

And just a headsup @ the office

I cant laugh
I cant smile
I cant joke
I cant look funny
I cant be so jovial
I cant be so happy
I cant be smoking
I cant be having fun @ office
I don’t look serious as in having a serious face which = moodless face! ahha
I dont look like an .....Auditor
I dont do what auditors do
I dont read corporation acts, FRS, MASB during my free time! also kena tiaw!

This are my judgement..from the BITCH.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

back to work....

currently @ Johore Baharu....

leaving back to kl later... will be reaching approx 1.30am!

DOing Honda Accord Roadshow @ city aquare!

back to my dull work on monday morning which is less than 12 hours from now.
FActs is facts... its back to the sad me , and testion me... and its going to be preassuring..coz there is too much politics back in office.

tomorrow i also don know how.. so many frust* problem in office. that might get me fired!


Friday, May 23, 2008

human beans @ Friday

trying not to think about the BitC\-\

the taught of what is going to happen in the following 2 weeks, keeps giving me headaches. its actually quite stressful to wait for the outcome of this scenario. Well, only god can help me now. i do hope that God can assist me in this matter.

Sad stories aside.

I am really glad and happy that there are so many people who cared about me. alot of motivational speeches, mood enricher, and also support by my fellow colleagues.

thanks to KLC for everything. thanks for ur backup..ur ears..and ur influential powers in the office. thanks.! ur made my day. raise me up from the sorrows of the evil bitch!! thank you thank you...for the ER. PReview and all for this mid year assesments too!

5 star is really 5 star. ! envy! Proud of u! klc u better keep it up! u can do it! GAMBATE!


Having starbucks now.... just to relax abit from the office politics. its sucks to be working with ASSEs and Idoits who happen to be a Freaking Problem Child. "you know who u are Bitch"

Well this is what happen to problem child!

she has no love.
she is 45 years old
she has no boyfriend
she has no husband
she has no money
she drives a very old proton iswara -( really rotten)
she has no happiness
she has always been bullied by her peers, her parents, and by her self
she has big popping eye balls!
she has no sense of fashion
she only has 3 pair of working clothes. which she wears everyday of the week.
she is a loner
she Loves to watch movies to calm her craziness(again she watches it alone@ cinema)
she thinks she has the ability to see thru peoples heart and feelings
she thinks she can forsee ur future
she thinks she can also dig up any secrets u thaught u are hiding.
she has WEIRD hair ..u know DExter the cartoon-she looks like DEE DEE. dexter lil sis
she has bad breath
she is long winded
she is utterly lazy at work BUT hard working to SAbotage other peoples life
she HATES happy people
She HATES couples
She HATES smokers
She HATES people who dont talk to her
she HATES people who dont look at her like QUEEN
she HATES to brush teeth -thats why alwis so yellow and has BLood Dripping over!
She HATES being who she is but -- she continue to do it so that people respect her.,

Well this is the conclusion of the Bitch i was talking about!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

accident happens.. shit happens too

Dear You know who,

I hope u get into an accident and get ur idiot brains pop open all over ur car! Ur hands and legs gets detached in this accident! Now I just figured out why for so long u have been working and you don’t get any higher position than what a normal person should be.

Ooh. She is fugly, old and (Virgin I guess.) coz she is such a bitch that I don’t think anyone can stand her freaking attitude. Even if u pay a gigolo, I don’t think they would willingly do it for her!

Hey lady, don’t think that ur such a great person ok. You lonely bitch! Having PMS all year round!

Scold people like u are god or something! U !@#$%^&*^%#$@! !!!!

P/s: I hope u get into the accident soon.


Yours truly,


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Honda Accord 2008

The power of Dreams , latest edition - No limits by Honda MAlaysia

Woowee..Was invited to attend the Honda Accord latest addition @ Kuala Lumpur Convention Hall.....

The new launcn of this Car has been a blast to the consumer market of Malaysia.
Even before it was launch...there were already 3000 new honda accord being Book by the people of Malaysia.

Feast your eyes to the new Honda Accord 2.0, 2.4 and 3.5

The car is very comfortable...smooth to drive...classy and sport too.! You would feel like your actually driving a BMW 5 series or the new C-class. Trust me its very good..

PErformance, power and Style All pack in to one CAr.

This event started out with presentation by Honda Japan Spokeperson and followed by the introduction of the honda accord.

After that we all feast to a lovely dinner @ the hall..Food was Great..and Drinks was even better..

Oooh...after savouring our dinners we were invited for a live Stage performance @ the philharmonic hall. and the Sketch was real nice ...

hurry get your new honda accord now..!

only from 140k onwards.!

*bon appetite*

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


is life actually so beautiful as u see on movies? read on books?

in my own personal opinion, life can be beautiful but it will never be like the movies + books. Coz there is always hick ups and disasters that would never fail to occur in our lifes.

People dying...

People Sick...

People with financial problems...

People heart break...

People with people problems...

People with nature problems...

People with nothing to live for...

People in hunger... it self is actually suffering...

We dont get what we want most of the time. We always get ourself in unwanted trouble situations. We dont do the things we want, we only do things that what other people want. We are always unfair to ourselves. We rather other people being happy than ourself. We rather hide the truth than face the truth...We rather suffer than other people suffer. Now that is our mankind, its ur nature as human Beans.

just that some time and think about the above.. have u ever been in that situation before??............i guess most of you have experience these incidents in your life at least once.

So how do we actually cure this instability?

First we need to start loving ourself in order to progress to the next stage.

need to care more about ourself
need to stop smoking its bad for our health
need to drink less alcohol
need to drink less caffeine drinks
need to sleep more
need to work less hectic
need to find a suitable job that we love
need to start loving our family
need to start a new chapter in our life
need to hit the gym
need to eat vitamins
need to do a make over

A list of "NEED TO" that can start the new chapter in our life.


Saturday, May 03, 2008

Mercedes F1 party...2008 @ sunshine Bar

Thanks for the invitation! McLaren Team!

A special insight on the event @ sunshine bar. Well its a private function organized by Mclaren and Mercedes Benz Malaysia. ITs was the saturday before the Race @ sepang2008.

This event is damn happening...its like another red carpet party. Felt like a celebrity there! (i wish) .

Even the Mclaren Drivers were there...lewis hamilton and that kubica fella was present at the event!.. wow... sadly.. i was a lil too late to catch them insight!

Free Flow of Alcohol as usual, buffet supper was served by...Hilton! and the special cocktail was excellent..taste like orange, feels like vodka ! but whatever the heck its called.. its really damn soothing..and refreshing. Wala Excellent Drink..

Had Champange as well... and the door gift for that night was a bottle of beldevere Vodka.. i think thats how its spelled!

HAHA i met with the CEO and PResident of Daimler Chrysler @ sunshine!

there were also live performance by a group of White performers..and they were So FAT!... sigh.. but their voice were Nice.. oldies to rockies..!

After the party we were invited to go out to view the excitment of Fireworks! right above the Sunshine BAR!.

CAnt wait to go to events again! muahah! '

-will update the Honda Accord Launch @ KL convention hall... hehe.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Its all Ov3r


its over! gone. done. finish.

well what i meant was that my Exam is over. Finally!! happy happy me! and now is the time to fear for the results! =) the results will be out next month 13of june!
*pray pray*

o0oh. next monday when i go back to work..its be a new environment! new place new tables new chairs and all.. My office has shifted to a new place. Located at the heart of The Shopping mall @ one utama! KPMG TOwer. woooo..

CAnt wait.. then i can go ....and have many different variety of food for lunch!

If u wanna watch movie...need a ticket?? call me..then i can help u to buy the tickets nore long Ques!

This was Crazy..Look @ the amount of StarFuck i have in that night of study @ ss15.
got free drink from the Barista as well! wowow.. cant compare to other coffee house!. Star Buck is my number one priority! damn tiggerlicious! muacks!

Probably been studying late and lack of Zleeep and Tmoking too much.. thats why my throat seems painfull all day long!. need to go get well soon!

And i think i am gaining weight again..Holy Tigger!. This tigger seems to be getting bigger everyday! i need help! expert help! get me out of this ugly Body! i need an exit!!!

I want to go to the GYM!! but haven have enough time to do that.sighness!