Wednesday, May 07, 2008


is life actually so beautiful as u see on movies? read on books?

in my own personal opinion, life can be beautiful but it will never be like the movies + books. Coz there is always hick ups and disasters that would never fail to occur in our lifes.

People dying...

People Sick...

People with financial problems...

People heart break...

People with people problems...

People with nature problems...

People with nothing to live for...

People in hunger... it self is actually suffering...

We dont get what we want most of the time. We always get ourself in unwanted trouble situations. We dont do the things we want, we only do things that what other people want. We are always unfair to ourselves. We rather other people being happy than ourself. We rather hide the truth than face the truth...We rather suffer than other people suffer. Now that is our mankind, its ur nature as human Beans.

just that some time and think about the above.. have u ever been in that situation before??............i guess most of you have experience these incidents in your life at least once.

So how do we actually cure this instability?

First we need to start loving ourself in order to progress to the next stage.

need to care more about ourself
need to stop smoking its bad for our health
need to drink less alcohol
need to drink less caffeine drinks
need to sleep more
need to work less hectic
need to find a suitable job that we love
need to start loving our family
need to start a new chapter in our life
need to hit the gym
need to eat vitamins
need to do a make over

A list of "NEED TO" that can start the new chapter in our life.


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