Saturday, May 03, 2008

Mercedes F1 party...2008 @ sunshine Bar

Thanks for the invitation! McLaren Team!

A special insight on the event @ sunshine bar. Well its a private function organized by Mclaren and Mercedes Benz Malaysia. ITs was the saturday before the Race @ sepang2008.

This event is damn happening...its like another red carpet party. Felt like a celebrity there! (i wish) .

Even the Mclaren Drivers were there...lewis hamilton and that kubica fella was present at the event!.. wow... sadly.. i was a lil too late to catch them insight!

Free Flow of Alcohol as usual, buffet supper was served by...Hilton! and the special cocktail was excellent..taste like orange, feels like vodka ! but whatever the heck its called.. its really damn soothing..and refreshing. Wala Excellent Drink..

Had Champange as well... and the door gift for that night was a bottle of beldevere Vodka.. i think thats how its spelled!

HAHA i met with the CEO and PResident of Daimler Chrysler @ sunshine!

there were also live performance by a group of White performers..and they were So FAT!... sigh.. but their voice were Nice.. oldies to rockies..!

After the party we were invited to go out to view the excitment of Fireworks! right above the Sunshine BAR!.

CAnt wait to go to events again! muahah! '

-will update the Honda Accord Launch @ KL convention hall... hehe.

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