Friday, May 23, 2008

human beans @ Friday

trying not to think about the BitC\-\

the taught of what is going to happen in the following 2 weeks, keeps giving me headaches. its actually quite stressful to wait for the outcome of this scenario. Well, only god can help me now. i do hope that God can assist me in this matter.

Sad stories aside.

I am really glad and happy that there are so many people who cared about me. alot of motivational speeches, mood enricher, and also support by my fellow colleagues.

thanks to KLC for everything. thanks for ur backup..ur ears..and ur influential powers in the office. thanks.! ur made my day. raise me up from the sorrows of the evil bitch!! thank you thank you...for the ER. PReview and all for this mid year assesments too!

5 star is really 5 star. ! envy! Proud of u! klc u better keep it up! u can do it! GAMBATE!


Having starbucks now.... just to relax abit from the office politics. its sucks to be working with ASSEs and Idoits who happen to be a Freaking Problem Child. "you know who u are Bitch"

Well this is what happen to problem child!

she has no love.
she is 45 years old
she has no boyfriend
she has no husband
she has no money
she drives a very old proton iswara -( really rotten)
she has no happiness
she has always been bullied by her peers, her parents, and by her self
she has big popping eye balls!
she has no sense of fashion
she only has 3 pair of working clothes. which she wears everyday of the week.
she is a loner
she Loves to watch movies to calm her craziness(again she watches it alone@ cinema)
she thinks she has the ability to see thru peoples heart and feelings
she thinks she can forsee ur future
she thinks she can also dig up any secrets u thaught u are hiding.
she has WEIRD hair ..u know DExter the cartoon-she looks like DEE DEE. dexter lil sis
she has bad breath
she is long winded
she is utterly lazy at work BUT hard working to SAbotage other peoples life
she HATES happy people
She HATES couples
She HATES smokers
She HATES people who dont talk to her
she HATES people who dont look at her like QUEEN
she HATES to brush teeth -thats why alwis so yellow and has BLood Dripping over!
She HATES being who she is but -- she continue to do it so that people respect her.,

Well this is the conclusion of the Bitch i was talking about!

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