Tuesday, May 20, 2008

accident happens.. shit happens too

Dear You know who,

I hope u get into an accident and get ur idiot brains pop open all over ur car! Ur hands and legs gets detached in this accident! Now I just figured out why for so long u have been working and you don’t get any higher position than what a normal person should be.

Ooh. She is fugly, old and (Virgin I guess.) coz she is such a bitch that I don’t think anyone can stand her freaking attitude. Even if u pay a gigolo, I don’t think they would willingly do it for her!

Hey lady, don’t think that ur such a great person ok. You lonely bitch! Having PMS all year round!

Scold people like u are god or something! U !@#$%^&*^%#$@! !!!!

P/s: I hope u get into the accident soon.


Yours truly,


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