Friday, May 02, 2008

Its all Ov3r


its over! gone. done. finish.

well what i meant was that my Exam is over. Finally!! happy happy me! and now is the time to fear for the results! =) the results will be out next month 13of june!
*pray pray*

o0oh. next monday when i go back to work..its be a new environment! new place new tables new chairs and all.. My office has shifted to a new place. Located at the heart of The Shopping mall @ one utama! KPMG TOwer. woooo..

CAnt wait.. then i can go ....and have many different variety of food for lunch!

If u wanna watch movie...need a ticket?? call me..then i can help u to buy the tickets nore long Ques!

This was Crazy..Look @ the amount of StarFuck i have in that night of study @ ss15.
got free drink from the Barista as well! wowow.. cant compare to other coffee house!. Star Buck is my number one priority! damn tiggerlicious! muacks!

Probably been studying late and lack of Zleeep and Tmoking too much.. thats why my throat seems painfull all day long!. need to go get well soon!

And i think i am gaining weight again..Holy Tigger!. This tigger seems to be getting bigger everyday! i need help! expert help! get me out of this ugly Body! i need an exit!!!

I want to go to the GYM!! but haven have enough time to do that.sighness!


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