Monday, April 28, 2008

judgement day

Havent been blogging for sometime already..due to the lack of time on the cyberspace!
This is mainly due to the upcoming examination that i am going attempt this thursday ..1st of May 2008. And Yes..its a FREAKING LAbour DAy! and there is still exam on that Freaking Day.! sigh .. its like the only holiday in the month of MAy..and Yet i cant enjoy that holiday entirely! How Crappy is that!

Well...judgement day is so close..only 2 more days to prepare for this examination and the cost of this paper is 3.2K! sigh.. coz its the first paper thats why have to include those shitty regisration fees and membership fees and stuffs!...

I cant afford to fail this.. its important. and i am so shaky now..

Time just flies when ur studying.. i mean its like so fast a day passes by and you always feel sleepy and tired and all.

I need that energy boost to overcome this Freak PAper!

Have so many things i wanna blog about..well i guess it can wait till my exam is over! then i'll actively blog again.its really fun to blog..and its really interesting!

Haven eaten anything the whole day except for a pack of Fried Bananas a.k.a Goreng Pisang/Pisang Goreng! so Yummy and a cup of Caffe LAtte from Starbucks. (FAV Drink @ the Bucks!)

Back to mind fucking the books now! tata.. i hope can get orgasm with the Books later! muahahah! i'm gonna rape u ...(sounds so crazy , evil and diguesting)


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