Thursday, April 10, 2008

time is running out....

2 weeks more and i will be having my exam..! thats just great, because i still have eight and half chapters left to study. Time seems to be moving so fast..and half the days i feel so tired and kinda sick sick abit this month *.sigh.*

todays update..- working with LYL Land, a developer company. So today i went for a site visit for this developer @ cheras. The journey from subang is pretty far and roads were not so smooth when we reach Cheras...road gets bumpier, more manuvers like snakes, and it was raining heavily , on top of that it was kinda Bumper to Bumper ride.

I almost puked when i reach the Site.! well, i never really knew that properties in Cheras is so expensive..alwis taught it was cheap, but it isnt. We toured the new bungalows, Shoplots, Supermarket, and a going to be petrol station & shopping complex land. Took some pictures here and there to put it in my site visit report.........

AFter that, we headed to Tai Thong Restaurant for some Dim sum @ 2Pm..Food was really yummy and tasty! eventhought it was nice, i cant really feast that much in my tummy, if u remembered i felt like puking....earlier.

Then we headed back to our clients place located @ taipan.. and we are back to work!


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