Tuesday, April 08, 2008


good morning.. its 12.38am, a brand new day has just started bout 38minutes. Guess what? i haven bathe yet since morning. Kinda feel dirty and sticky! EEEEEe€€€€€w..

its not that i am too lazy to bathe, but it is significantly due to ---> me havent gone home yet! and Yes , your rite... i am still @ work. Feeling hungry too, coz i havent really eaten anything yet for dinner except for a kaya pau when i was driving back to office and a bottle of refreshing Coca Cola.

a lil update, work sucks coz there is too much work (ooi auditing 2 companies okay!) and deadline is coming, havent really started studying for my exams >>>>>>1st may is Exam Day _ Dooms Day! so little time, so many work.

life is so restless and boring, when it comes to working. I never ever complained if i party all night, doing events all day, watching movies, sleeping, driving or anything ..Heck! i can do that all day and night for 3 days non stop, yet i still wont get bored.

I feel that my job is not entertaining at all, no challange, and its a FREAK career. Feels like i am getting much older as the days goes by...feels so tired, stress, preassure and also freaking losing my fun life with this career of mine.

alrite..enough of my boring life... its back to my Sadder life...= Work..


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julian said...

Commiserations, it sucks having to work so late. I don't think it adds a lot to efficiency either...