Wednesday, April 02, 2008

a lil update ....

Today is peak period second peak in the span of 4 months..hopefully it wont be as bad as the previous engagement.."finger Crozsz"

Snips would be my upcoming event..there is this deal i am trying to close by the end of next week and we shall see what happens after that..if i can close dream car is coming closer...if i cant? then too bad.. need to hope on my other luck to get me back on track..

tha past few weeks has been pretty bad...the long stretch of bad aura has been sticking around me like a glue! and i mean it.. the last time i had such bad luck was last year around June till July.. it was bad that time.. hoping that this time it has gone away.....this is a brand new week,really hoping my Good luck has come back by my side. "Finger Crozsz" as well..

Really need all the luck i can accumulate now.... have u had the feeling like its now or Never? well i'm in that same situation now. PLEASE come back..! i need you!

anyone has any idea on how to get your luck back? ...pls do inform me and guide me pass this evil month of MARCH!..

-moood : Great!
Luck : hopefully its coming back
Work : LOTS!

alright..back to work! now! hugs!

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