Thursday, May 29, 2008

Round the corner

Birthday is coming…..nothing special this year. Not going to celebrate. Maybe its just that I’m too old for parties or I have lost the meaning of burfdays this year!.

Don’t even know what to do …on my birthday!

Some say go celebrate @ club.

Some say go dinner

Some say go karaoke

Some say go shake shake

Some say go road trip…

But I don’t know what I want to do… nothing fun to do also.. all the things mention above are like what we as humans normally do it …once in a few months then again nothing special to be done.

Besides, there are a lot of work to do…still a lot….taught its off peak, but there are still companies which has a year end of MARCH, APRIL, JUNE! Idiots!

And just a headsup @ the office

I cant laugh
I cant smile
I cant joke
I cant look funny
I cant be so jovial
I cant be so happy
I cant be smoking
I cant be having fun @ office
I don’t look serious as in having a serious face which = moodless face! ahha
I dont look like an .....Auditor
I dont do what auditors do
I dont read corporation acts, FRS, MASB during my free time! also kena tiaw!

This are my judgement..from the BITCH.

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