Sunday, May 11, 2008

Honda Accord 2008

The power of Dreams , latest edition - No limits by Honda MAlaysia

Woowee..Was invited to attend the Honda Accord latest addition @ Kuala Lumpur Convention Hall.....

The new launcn of this Car has been a blast to the consumer market of Malaysia.
Even before it was launch...there were already 3000 new honda accord being Book by the people of Malaysia.

Feast your eyes to the new Honda Accord 2.0, 2.4 and 3.5

The car is very comfortable...smooth to drive...classy and sport too.! You would feel like your actually driving a BMW 5 series or the new C-class. Trust me its very good..

PErformance, power and Style All pack in to one CAr.

This event started out with presentation by Honda Japan Spokeperson and followed by the introduction of the honda accord.

After that we all feast to a lovely dinner @ the hall..Food was Great..and Drinks was even better..

Oooh...after savouring our dinners we were invited for a live Stage performance @ the philharmonic hall. and the Sketch was real nice ...

hurry get your new honda accord now..!

only from 140k onwards.!

*bon appetite*

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