Monday, May 03, 2010

Running a business!101!

Hsving a business at this age is COOL! and running it is even more fun! as we are the boss ! wooo!

the negative part about running a business is the cashflows! CASHFLOWS!

there are often time where its more negative than positive...coz of the flow is inconsistence and it really SUCKS big time!

plus, we cannot spend the money we earn in the business... why?? u may ASK!

the answer is simple, we dont know when is good times and bad times, coz we are not A BIG COMPANY THAT HAS MILLIONAIRS SHAREHOLDERS..we are sole idiots that runs the busienss.

so when times are bad, we need to COVER...when times are good we need to KEEP!

See.. coz rainy days comes very often, and sunny days doesnt come all days long!

Business in any kind, still faces the same problems, we dont know if tomorrow is going to be a good sales day or a fuck up day...

so the cycle comes and moves against the hours of our business.

So now u understand why running a business is really SICK! COZ there are always the cashflow problems!!!

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