Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy People!

People around me are always constantly HAPPY! *happy people*

why are everyone so happy?? Whats the secret behind it? CAN some body please TEACH ME!

i just dont understand, whats going on with me.. constant insomnia nowadays... unable to sleep! i feel like a night owl... or BATMAN returns... i can only sleep in the morning, and hunt during the night. i want back the normal sleep! i cant sleep till 6-7 in the morning.. doing nuts at home...lazying around on the bed, but the sleeping spell doesnt seem to work.

i need help.


coz this is making me very useless as a human BEAN. yes bean!..

i wanna sleep.. i wanna wake up..have lunches and enjoy a great day.. not just the night part!


i miss my life! i want back my life!

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