Friday, October 17, 2008

Tuborg Brings you Josh Wine @ Poppy garden

The Fun starts here, Tuborg Brings you the Great spinner from United Kingdom, DJ Josh Wine @ poppy garden 16 October 2008. This is another great event created by Carlsberg Malaysia. Private invitations were given out to happening peoples..where they are given Free flow of Tuborg all night long...with great services by the Tuborg AMbassadors... wooot! and i love it ...coz we all boooze on with Tuborg till the sun rises up!! high!! FrEe!!

VEry great creation of stages...that makes the floor glow!) sexy!

There were special appearances by Hannah Tan... she is ever so beautiful... my oh my... really one beautiful female she is..stunning and sexy =) OOh...the deejay was really rocking..spinning the night away and all the ladies in the house was really shaking their assets all over!

ooh..there was this ang mo girl, she was shaking her this guy..probably flirting with him.. shaking her water ballooons!! from left to right and right to left. ping pong! ... =) got that lucky guy very happy! muahaha! so lucky!
Alright thats all .... for this post.. and sorry for the sucky camera actions...coz its a phone camera!

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Clarisse Teagen said...

Oooo nice pictures. and the DJ looks Hot!