Thursday, October 30, 2008

its TFDW 30/10/08 - Tigger Family Day Weekend

Wonderfully, all the stress has been released already this afternoon, 2 weeks of stress and struggles, its finally over within 3 hours. now all i can do is pray and hope for the best outcome of the examination! hope for pass only! dont have too much expectation also!

Learned alot of life this week, finally understood that there are alot to do in this cruel world, there are far better things to do to make oneself happy and contented. i have finally reached a level where i stop. STOP. stop. Stop ! When u stop asking for more, and compare with other people, u will finally understand how lucky and fortunate for yourself to be living the life u are in. and Feel contented with what u have, instead of always hoping for higher dreams and the reality is that we should be happy with what we have accomplish and achieved. There are alot of people who are less fortunate in this world, some dont even have a family to go back to, some dont even have enough food, or even feeling warm during the nights. No shelter, no money, no happiness at all. Cant even afford a cup of warm drinks in their entire life.

Yet today, we still see alot of people who are not contented that they have a family to go home to after school, or after work or after partying. When u finally lose the family u once have, u will REGRET all the things u have done in the past where u hurt so many people who actually loved u the most. Never realised till its GONE. Like many shows and movies we watch over our life, its always REGRET and Dissappointment at the end, this is because we always taught we are VERY gREAT and dont need anyone or dont need anything, coz we are good enough, But cant u just sit back and start thinking of the happiness u actually have right beside u??

@ this age, alot of youngsters always wants to get out of their homes to go and HAVE FUN. But do u know that ur parents wants to spend time with u ? even if its having u in the living room, but u are dozing away or playing the internet? they just want to feel that your around them. A parent always want the best for their kids, never once u will see a mother or father wants to HARM their own kids. Never will u see that they back off when u need them the most. NEVER is the word. COz they ARE the only one in this horrible world to always stand by ur SIDE, at and when u need them the most. Dont take them for granted. They are old, they want their own kids to be spending time with them, coz they dont know when will they leave u .. they might just leave u at any point of time. so they will be very happy to have u around the house.even if u ignore them.

Parents have gone through alot of STRESS, Problems, Difficulties, and also Heartache, to try to fulfill ur life. they have to work their assess off to earn a living so that they are able to send u to school, prepare food on the table, prepare sound educations, toys, and all so that u can live a better life than they have had. Up today, u still rely on them, coz they are still supporting u even if u dont notice, providing u with financial backing in ur first car, ur first house, ur first marriage and ur first everything.

Take this week off from ur routine Yam cha sessions, clubbesss, or hanging out. Spend some time with them, do u know a little effort from u, can make both ur parents a very happy person. eventhough spending them to lunch,? or movie? or even just a stroll @ ur local shopping malls.

Its Tiggers Family DAY celebration, want to reach out to all readers that, there are time when we neglected the ones that loves us the most, SPend this weekend with ur parents in doing something that u have not been doing for a very long time. just be patient and dont provoke them in anyway, they might be grumpy, just allow them this week. LEt them know how much u love them. Its TIGGERS family day weekend. celebrate TIGGER FAMILY day this weekend. its never too late to show them ur support and love, AS they have never stop loving u and supporting u all this while.

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