Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The house Bunny - illy cafe!

heya! heya! its another week around the year..this year seems to passed by very fast and furious... alot of up and down that happened to me this 10 months of 2008.. cant wait for it to be 2009! as its going to be a new year...maybe it would be more UPs for me.. gua..

Fluctuation is very frequent this 10 months... trying to mitigate this huge fluctuation..hmmmpie.. wondering how! Today visited Illy Caffe' for a nice 2 cups of Caffe' latte' shiok! very bitter and bold! just the right combination to make my day a better one. Coffee sure is a Happy pill to me. Cant stop consuming coffee ! YES I AM A COFFEE ADDICT! AND I AM A STARBUCKS FAN! daily just at least a cup of Caffe latte 4 shots, low fat and a shake of ice in a To-go Cup! just the perfect combination!bucks! bucks! always dreamt of having my own that i can have great coffee every day and every single time i want to indulge in it! wooop!

THE HOUSE BUNNY - very nice movie to watch, to make u laugh!! just the right laughther movie to take u away from ur working life for the 1hr45min..

ok..gtg.. cant wait for max Payne! i got my tickets di lo! muahahah!

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