Tuesday, June 02, 2009

strong! and old

oooh...babytt birthday is just around the corner! or u can say its even nearer than the corner! muahaha! realLY! its just around the corner! no kidding! can be counted with hours and minutes! boohoo! i just cant wait to be older! another year! just old! old babytt! sighness! old old old!

this year 2009, has given me alot of things! really alot of thingS! good and bad things too! we just have to accept the fact that its always a angel and devil world in our daily life!

nothing comes easy and nothing good comes equally easy! rite! coz there are alot of bad bad bad people around that is trying to demoralize us! so just stand strong and get ready for storm! we can do it! i love babytt.

this year babytt birthday wish is for everything to sail smoothly! wink wink! i love!

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