Monday, June 22, 2009

mundane! monday again

so many mondays has past us by...and its another monday today! woo.. dont we just feel darn tired of living in this world of working! BA! we do it everyday.

pretty sienz di! coz of the work and hassle that we have to encounter daily! Baha! the past few days has been pretty tiring and the best part is actually pretty painful! haha! coz of the tiredness it gives!

babyt is hoping for another holiday so that babyt can once again relax for a couple of days. days now passes by quick and painful! when would the sky be clean and clear?? when will the sun shine?

we all are scared to fall down, but one day we will fall, just depends on the depth of the fall....

prepare for more hardship and hard sail...then we would also one day see the smooth sea! that let us sail peacefully! =) muackies!

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