Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beyond - Hoi fut tin hung * babytigger's fav song///

Verse 1
Gum tin ngor, hon yea lui hon shuit piu gwor
Wai jeok lang kap liu dik sum wor piu yuen fong
Fung yue lui, jui gwor
Mou lui fun but ching ying chung
Tin hung hoi fut lei yue ngor, hor wui bin

Sui mut joi bin

Verse 2
Dor siu chi, ying jeok lang ngan yue gau siu
Chung mut yao fong hei gwor sum jung dik lei siong
Yat sat na, fong fat
Yeok yao sor sat dik gum gok
But ji but gok yi bin tam, sum lui ngoi

Sui ming bak ngor

Yuen leong ngor jea yat sang but gei fong jung ngoi ji yao
Ya wui pa yao yat tin wui dit dou ohhhhnooo
Pui hei liu lei siong, sui yan dou hor yi
Na wui pa yao yat tin ji lei gung ngor

[Verse 1]


Ying yin ji yao ji ngor
Weng yuen do cheong ngor dor
Dao bin chin lei


nothing beats this song! thanks to this song babytiggercafe is operational..
this song really inspire me! everybody can do it! nothing is impossible, it just takes an extra mile in life.

we might think that things are hard in life, but no PAIN no GAIN..

everyone has its own freedom and love to strive for freedom in life. here we are together building a future together.

10 hard times, comes one GREAT time. its okay to feel stress and pain, but never GIVE UP in life.

trust yourself and be ready to rock the world when the time is right!

muackies! babytigger loves all of you.
thanks for the support and strenght. i love u

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