Friday, June 26, 2009

sometimes we smile

sometimes we smile,sometime we cry... right!

we cant always be crying... coz we are human, we need to have a balance... balancing is hard to come by.

babytt is always hoping to a simple life. but alot of factors are not providing me with the SO CALLED SIMPLE LIFE!

i just want to live the life of a simple babytigger. just jolly and smily!

when i was young, i was always happy go lucky.. hard to see me sad, and u can always see a smiling face. its true, back few years, has changed me. the smiling is hard to come. the happiness dont seem to be flowing the correct path. its like moving away from babyjeff's path! i want to do a cross road with my life again. i want to ! come and cross my path ms.happiness! COME BACK TO ME! and to MS saddie! please leave me alone! please!

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