Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sat! UR day!

yeah its the URday of the week! arent they smart to create a day for URDAY!!! the day is just yours and tonight is going to be great!

why great- coz its saturday and tomorrow is sunday, where i can do my own things without much thinking needed! and stress FreE! freedom!

last sunday was bad! i crash my car! so this sunday hope its much better! give me miracles and make me happy!

when i am happy the world is happier too! coz i will shower more happiness to the world!


*-=ting ting -=- brain damaged ! due to the car accident! so till now brain still a lillo loose! yeah the impact dislocated the brain!

so what am i going to do! haha!
'no more you: what am i going to do! i cant believe there is no more you!... my beloved car.... right smack into the wall! after 3 spins! wootS! no more u ... no more me... what am i going to do!

time to flex the body to achieve a greater height in life.

cant afford to lose anymore... cant afford to make reasons for failure. cant afford to make mistakes...

not young anymore. at the middle of life..and what am i going to do?

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Epic_Fail said...

i love the idea of sat UR day!!
thanks for the inspirational post :)