Friday, December 28, 2007

Match day - 28/12/07

There is a match comin up in just a few more minutes...

tonight's early morning match is between Manchester City and Blackburn Rovers.

Table position for both teams are = Mancity (5) and Blackburn (10). Man City has been undefeated in all their home matches and unbeaten for Mancity means they have not even Drawn a match at home this season after playing 9 matches at Home. they have manage to beat Man united 1-0 in the early of the season and have hold a couple other big guns this season. Mancity are currently in persuit of regaining the 4th placing in the barclays and it will give them all the necessary confident booost to snatch the 4th placing from Liverpool tonight and hopeful to remain top 4 this season to get the chance to play in Champions League next season.

todays prediction are as above..

-=- this are just my 3cents on the game -=-


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