Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Berry Berry Christmas.......@ orchard 07

Police Patroling @ orchard... Awww..so caring the Singapore Police Force.- Lost anything after a Bump?

dinng dong Bells.........jiggle bells...Santa rinas... Santa Clause!

Merry X ma$.

wow.. was @ Orchard ROad to celebrate the birth of jesus.

It was filled with people from all races, big, small, beautiful, handsome and even Old old people was there to celebrate christmas together in the Long Road of Orchard.

Fact of Orchard :-

Lots of Human Beans
Pretty Girls.
Granny and Grand papa.
ARtificial Snows.
Lots of PArty Poppers.

Lots of Fun!

Can u imagine the amount of people @ orchard was like ants in their nest!
Behold the following pictures are captured by me when i was squash by thousands of human beans!..

Well christmas at Singapore was Hell Fun.. much better than celebrating it at Kuala Lumpur. Some how people in Singapore are more Party GOers and Funner to hang with.

one word - Singaporeans = Party Animals.. they sure know how to have fun...with all the people around them!.

At the end... it was the trip back home > people pushing around..trying to get pass the human bean wall, bangaladeshie trying to molest pretty Chics...and also people's sweat slimming on ur body !!!EEEEEEEWWWWHHHHHH!!! so disgusting!!! mhaha!!!

Sardine Human Beans @ MRT

Tips # planning to spend christmas in singapore next year..
Do not drive...during christmas Eve, go earlier with the MRT to your destination, Try not to carry any handbags, no revealing clothes, bring h20, bring cash to buy those party poppers, and also bring a Camera to get all the live action recorded! OOOOh...and dont Wear White clothes Girls..or else ur gonna get alot of hamsap guys drooling @ ur Body...! =)

May Peace Be With You. - MPBWY!

Ho..ho..Ho...Merry Berry Xmas!

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