Tuesday, September 15, 2009

in the mind

there is this strange feeling in my mind that isnt getting out. it just keeps inside and make me insomnia! which is kinda freaky! i am thinking alot alot, but there is just no conclusion nor outcome to handle this frustrations.

the frustration to begin with, i also dont know what is it! :"something: just bothering my mind! Causing me sleepless nights and sleep during the day! FREAK vampire babytt! i am!

when the sun comes up, i feel sleepy! when the sun goes away i feel tired! sish!


the momentum must come back after this raya! i need the up beat of my momentum! its like now those classical music playing, i need the techno music in my life! you got to pump it up!

got to pump it up!

just want to SLEEP

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